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San Francisco/Bay area

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tjohns021, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. hey guys

    I'll apologize in advance because this has probably been posted/asked before. That, and I'm sure you get all sorts of dumb questions from out of state people. But what the hell, I'll ask anyways.

    Heading to the Bay Area for 10 days in a week. I jumped online and was able to procure a Medical reccomendation (which was stupid easy for an out of stater) but am now wondering if it will do any good without a CA drivers license/ID? I've heard there are shops that will sell as long as you have the Recommendation and a valid ID from anywhere, as long as you're of age. The prescribing doctor echoed that sentiment, and said the Bay Area is pretty lax on that. I wanted to go this route, as buying some smoke of Craig's lost seems a lil sketchy

    So I don't know if y'all could name a couple shops ( maybe you can't for fear of exposing them before the whole recreational roll out) but just in general, any tips, tricks, or pointers would be greatly appreciated


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