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  1. Good Morning Blades!
    I used to be a fairly active member on this forum, but I had lost touch with it the last couple of years.
    I am excited to be "back" and catch up with old members as well as meet some new ones!
    My bong is icey, my buds are burnin', and the coffee is steamin'!
    ~Smiles and Good Vibes To All~
    T :smoke:
  2. Here I am. :)

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  3. Welcome back. It's windy and rainy in Diego right now!
  4. Yes it is. They said that this is the "worst storm of the winter"....
    I'm weathering it indoors!
    *Cough cough*
  5. Woot! I used to love these forums.
    Everytime I see "Superjoint" it makes me laugh...Always had. I am trying to remember what my previous username was to look up old posts, but I just can't remember....
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    Hey there. :wave: Welcome back. :D Hope to see you stick around. :smoke:
  7. Thanks! I will... :)
  8. OK...
    I "Found Myself"....Sounds deep doesn't it?

    My previous GC Username was "DaDego"
    Holy shit I used to post a lot.

  9. haha, so tell us about yourself whats goin down in san diego?
  10. Welcome from socal!! i am about 45 minutes away we need to have a sesh! haha welcome back to the city!

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