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    Published on May 23, 2013
    SANTEE, San Diego, Calif. - 10News went looking for answers after a local woman snapped photos of an unidentified object flying over Santee.

    Ellen Henry told 10News her camera stopped working after snapping photos at a historical barn.

    Henry said she is convinced that whatever she saw hovering over Santee's Edgmoore Barn is not from this world. She did not want to show her face on camera because she said she was still spooked by what she captured.

    "I was like what was it doing there," said Henry. "Why was it there? What was it doing? And I said, the next time I come here, the barn will be beamed up."

    The barn sits under several flight paths. 10News contacted Gillespie Field and MCAS Miramar, but neither could offer an explanation:

    Some say what flew overhead is not out of the ordinary because of what has been reported around the barn.

    "We think someone's come into the barn and we get up to look, and no one is there," said Elaine Murphy, president of the Santee Historical Society.

    The group, which oversees the barn-turned-museum, said the property used to be part of a poor farm and hospital grounds. It also draws paranormal investigators because of reported ghost sightings.

    Some residents are weighing in on the idea of a UFO hovering over a haunted barn.

    "Oh yeah, I do believe we are not alone out here, that's for sure," said one resident.

    10News checked with the National UFO Reporting Center and found that only one UFO sighting has been reported in San Diego during the month of May.

    "Makes a good story, doesn't it?" another resident said.


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    Yeah I saw that today. 
    But it isn't a UFO it's a drone. 
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    ya i saw that today
    it was drone that had ufo isn't
    shake up weeple!
  5. Drone Sheeple Up WAKE!
  6. Ya its drone, poor sleeping sheeple need to wake up!
  7. I've passed on the information to Mulder and The Lone Gunmen. We'll know soon enough whether it's a hoax or not.
  8. Wake up sheeple its a ufo, not a drone. Wait...
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    Aliens are real, but this was not an alien... It was a flying transdimensional demon, 

    Remember I always turn out to be right, just ask Scully. 
    Fox Mulder
    I will be going to a nearby Indian Reservation to smoke  and attempt to commune with it,, I believe it has my sister. 
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    Accidently mentioned an unmentionable. 
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    This is the greatest post of all time. Where's the damn reputation button? I need to make 10+ accounts and spam you to hell with rep.
  11. first off, this lady mrs henry is a well known attention seeker in my beloved city. we have 4 drone research facilities here in san diego county. i highly doubt its anything more than a drone fly by. we have them almost daily here now. 
  12. i love the sheeple trend hahaha
  13. This thread is all kinds of great.

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  14. It was probably a defalted mylar balloon from a graduation ceramony.
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  16. so are some people in this thread doubting that we have drones in san diego? cause this is fact, not sheeple info lolol.
    Obviously we all believe there are drones in San Diego. Did you read the thread?? Do you even lift???
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