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San Diego Head Shops?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pyr0ph0r1c, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Anyone know of any head shops in san diego? i live in carlsbad, if anyone u are familiar w/ the area. Also, if you know of any head shop listings or anything like that, that'd b great. (BTW: i cant really order online so thats not an option)
  2. in oceanside there is outerlimits and inner world , both of which are on 101, and there is visions, which is off of el camino real in oside also

    in encinitas there is good morning

    in p.b. there is.. the high road, glassworks, p.b. pipe and tobacco, smoke this, crossroads, visions, and at least 20 more

    there are tons more throughout the county, but i really didn't feel like listing tons of them

    hope this helped

    i'm in encinitas by the way

    i would recommend either going to outer limits or to crossroads
  3. damn 101 goes all the way to san diego ? fuck i never knew that.
  4. There's two that I know of in Imperial Beach. Innervisions and Puff 'N Stuff.
  5. One in La Mesa Called Puff 'N Stuff off of the 8 east
  6. go to PB, its like San Diego's Venice Beach
  7. pb is ur best bet, glassworks has really nice headie peices but they cost 2 nuts and ur soul.... still a blast to look at them when ur ripped though
  8. i live in encinitas and go to sda, and i saw on goog maps that if you drive west up encinitas blvd its the second right from the 5 freeway. im not sure if its legit because i havent been there but its called hookah so theres a good chance it is.
  9. Da Glassworks on Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach is the best place for quality glass.
  10. yeah, pb has a lot of smoke shops.

    the guys at PB Smoke are pretty chill, they are fun to hang out with and can cut some great deals too

    i got a $320 green label roor there for $140 INCLUDING the bag

  11. dude pacific beach is where it's at. da glassworks for all your brandname big spender type of glass

    across the street from glassworks is pb glass and tobacco, incredibly priced no name glass,but trust me there's some nice shit for good deals

    theres also like the funkey monkey down in pb, th black in o.b., illusions in clairemont.just go by any beach community and you'll find some shops.
  12. The guys at PB Tobacco are pretty chill, but they're also selling cheap stuff. Mind posting a pic of your Roor from there?
  13. id say go to PB or Venice Beach, thats where youll find the "homie" shop owners and cashiers, usually you can bargain you way down on prices, and ive even gotten like credit loans from some of the pb shops (they only will do this is they recognize you)... east county is good for one thing PIECES because they usually have a huge stock, on the otherhand going up to venice isnt such a bad idea if youre intent on picking something up... i got my bing for 60 there, dude started the price at 230... most ive saved in SD is 5-10 bucks tops:cool:
  14. thats just a hookah shop, but yea it is kinda sketchy, if you go there its almost obvious that its a front or something
  15. ive been going to glass works for about a year and a half
    all of my high end bongs are from there (hvy, lotus, ads)
    but they charge wayyy to much and since the owner doesnt work there anymore
    they have a douche bag that likes to hustle people working there now.
    place has gone wayyyy downhill, the dude will say hes giving you a good deal by taking money off the price tag, but the owner used to take off wayyy more
  16. I have been a customer with Da Glassworks in PB, exclusively. Since I discovered this shop a few years ago, I have gone nowhere else. The shop carries top-end art from artists such as Arty, Ryno, JOP, and JAG, just to name a few. The staff is highly knowledgeable and motivated about their field. Talk to them and they'll work out a good deal with you. They even own their own line of products, Olympic. If you are in the market for a quality piece, this is the only place worth spending your money in San Diego. Otherwise, all the head shops around here will suffice.
  17. Not an expert or anything, but I've been to one in El Cajon, forget the name but it's at Chase and Avocado, that's decent.
  18. I live in Cbad too, the only ones I even know about around here are Outer Limits and Inner World. Outer Limits is a larger shop with a lot of china glass and a few brand name pieces, Inner World is a smaller more homie feeling shop with some local glass. I'd be interested to see any others around here.

  19. I live in carlsbad too! thanks for posting this Q its really helpful..i went into some of the stores that were mentioned and couldnt believe the prices..any1 know any more? (cheap please) xD
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    Check out The Godfather Smokeshop at 1138 Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach, the girls there ALWAYS hook me up, all you gotta do is ask, the best deal in PB, i checked out the other stores but they gave me the best deal, hands down all my friends go there check them out you wont regret it plus their store is the nicest looking out of all of them

    and their the only smokeshop open until midnight on the weekends , thats what im talkin about

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