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San diego dispensary specials!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PsychoTheRapist, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So I want to find out from my fellow local blades if you guys know any good dispensaries in Diego, the only one that I know of that has some quality stuff is aloha SD finest in Mira mar.
  2. I fucking hate Texas....
  3. Sirona in miramar does 5g for $50 for top shelf. The weed is ok for top shelf. Holistic relief center in clairemont does 2grams of top shelf for $20-$25 everyday. Spectrum of kindness in clairemont gives you a free eighth (of decent regs w/ no seeds) when you spend $50.

    If you want the DANKEST OF THE DANK, go to bankers hill care by the airport. They charge $55-$60 for eights though but they have strains with over 25% THC.
  4. san diego sincere is pretty good too, its in la mesa.

  5. When did you hit up Sirona? opening week they had 7 gram eighths and when I went a week ago it was down to 6 gram eighths...
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  7. Bump to see if anyone can recommend any more good names in SD. Green Door is California wide, and their SD location carries Candy Jack, cannabis cup winner, good stuff
  8. Living Green. 100 strains on deck at all times. I love it.
  9. I just went to living green for the first time yesterday, one of the best co-ops i've been to so far.

    My favorite co-op is Alternative Resource center and Collective. Ron is one of the nicest people in the business, we spent a half an hour talking about my condition and what would work best. He also gave me some pointers outside of smoking MJ to help relieve anxiety, and how to combat panic attacks.

    I got a weird vibe from Green door, the bud is ok but pre-packaged 8ths are sketchy to me even though they're exactly 3.5g's most places give you more than an 8th. The bud tender was too stoned to even answer any questions i had.

    Infinity wellness off miramar has really good edibles, and a free 8th with a purchase of an 8th for first time buyers.
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    Dude I go to holistic relief! Love that place

    They have 4g Eights for 40-50 dollars all day everday. Free edible with ever 60 donation. And free tincture serving for every 25 I want to say. Ben the owner knows his stuff when it comes to his bud. He personally.knows all.the growers and is very very knowledgeable.

    Lately their business has been getting way better with more selections.
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    There is another Green Door Collective that existed in San Diego, before those guys from SF moved into town. It's a closed membership collective, but it's worth asking them when they might have some openings for new patients. They're the REAL DEAL in San Diego. They're on Adams Avenue.

    Oasis Herbal Center is another closed membership club, but I recently found out that they have a "sister" club with open membership, called Elite Medical on Park Avenue.So you might want to check them out, because Oasis is hands down the best collective in San Diego in many ways.

    Gourmet Green Room, Pacific Green Pharms, Green Crop on El Cajon Blvd. and GreenWorks SD stocks some the finest OGs you'll ever taste. They just moved to a new location:
    3990 Hicock St, San Diego, CA 92110: Off the 8-W

    Good luck and happy medicating.

    Oh and definitely check out Altitude Organics on Hancock. They test all their meds which is something all collectives/dispensaries/co-ops should be doing.
  12. BUMP!!! September is here and that means harvest specials, already got a text from point Loma patients association and the have indoor headband for $25/8th

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