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    Hello GC, and Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. This has been something I have been wanting to do for sometime now. I want to give a personal thank you out to : Scooby, Possuum, wetdog, waktoo, Homesteader, Chunk, Jerry, GiMiK, MountainOrganics, Tree_dog, AgnesDawgs, BrassNwood, FickySiskers, OrganicSinse, and anyone else I may have missed who have helped me along with my Garden.

    I have learned so much from you guys and everyone else here it is absolutely mind blowing. I certainly would not be where I am at today without the help and encouragement of everyone here at GC. Words cannot express my gratitude to the GC community. Hope everyone enjoys.

    Soil Mix Mixed for 4 weeks:
    1/3 Sphagnum Peat Moss
    1/3 Aeration ( 1/4 Rice Hulls, 1/4 Perlite, 2/4 Pumice )
    1/3 Compost ( 1/4 Homemade EWC, 3/4 Malibu's Compost )

    Glacial Rock Dust ( 4 cups per cu. ft )
    Basalt ( 4 cups per cu. ft )
    Gypsum ( 1 cup per cu. ft )
    Oyster Shell Flour ( 1 cup per cu. ft )
    Kelp ( 3/4 Cup per cu. ft )
    Crustacean Meal ( 3/4 cup per cu. ft )
    Neem & Karanja ( 3/4 cup per cu ft. combined )
    Biochar ( 3/4 cup per cu. ft )

    - Composted Wood as Mulch as well as some Organic Barley I had
    - Watered with Kelp and Potassium Silicate every two weeks
    - Sprayed every week with Cold Pressed Neem Oil ( Emulsified with Aloe Vera Powder )
    - Will Foliar spray with Neem up until 2 weeks into Flower.
    - MBP topdress every 10-12 days
    - SST's - every two weeks in Flower
    - Red Worms and Earthworms ( found around the house ) in the 30 gallons.

    Recently updated ( got more lights )

    2 - Grandaddy Purple's in a 30 Gallon Smart Pots under 1350 Watts of LED ( 600 true watts )
    1 - Sour Diesel in a 30 Gallon Smart Pot under 950 Watts of LED ( 400 true watts )
    2 - White LSD's in 10 gallon pots under 400 Watt HPS
    1 - Girl Scout Cookie in 10 gallon Smart Pot under 400 Watt HPS
    1 - Super Sour Berry in a 10 gallon Smart Pot under 400 Watt HPS

    All the plants have been staked down and LST'd throughout Veg. The 30 Gallons have 12-14 Colas and the 10 Gallons have around 10 Colas. The 30 gallons are a little bit big, but I wanted to experiment with this grow. I used some 20 gallons last grow and got a significant difference in weight. So I want to see if it is worth the extra 10 gallons or not.

    They are currently a few days into Flower. They switched to 12/12 on August 6th. All the ladies listen to at least 4 hours of the classical channel on Pandora ( Beethoven, Chopin, Bach etc..) each day ( not even joking ) and it certainly isn't bad working in the garden music. Plus there has been some evidence to suggest it helps with plant growth.

    From the front: Sour Diesel and two Grandaddy Purples in the back.


    White LSD

    Super Sour Berry

    Girl Scout Cookies

    White LSD

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  2. Mahalo for the kind words @OrganicSamurai ! Your garden looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

    For me GCO has and continues to demystify all the organic bullshit swimming around out there. All I try and do is relay the information I've learned and tested in these halls.
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  3. Hey everyone, Day 10 of Flowering and everything is going great. Everybody is getting a nice stretch,but one of my GDP's has been practicing Yoga or something haha. Kind of wishing I did a Barley SST in early Flower to reduce internodal distances. I currently have a Malted Barley SST sprouting and will be doing a Foliar IPM emulsified with Aloe Vera powder tonight before lights off as well as my outside plants. There has been a little change up in the Flowering room setup. I have come to the realization that the 400 HPS just won't cut it for my 4 x 10 gallon pots.

    I probably could skim by, but my 950 Watt LED is so powerful I am going to make a re-adjustment. I have decided to put my Sour Diesel ( that was under the 950 Watt LED ) under the HPS and move the 4 x 10 gallons under the 950. Also, the supplemental lighting from the 1350 Watt LED in the tent will help provide some additional lighting for the 4 x 10 gallons. I have to admit aesthetically I prefer the first setup..., but this is the better setup. Hope everybody enjoys.


    4 x 10 gallon LST SCROG ( Both White LSD's are on the left, Super Sour Berry on the front right and Girl Scout Cookies in the right rear. I know it's kind of a jungle..
    Grandaddy Purple under 1350 LED
    Grandaddy Purple under 1350 Watt LED

    Sour Diesel under 400 Watt HPS
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  4. Everything looks awesome and if you can get the air flow stuff that canopy. Just checking, but your not foliar MBT SST as part of your IPM?

    I've seen MBT bleach spots on my lower leaves if it splashes.
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  5. Hey @FickySiskers, appreciate it man. I got a circulating fan that is not in the picture blowing air underneath the canopy from the left of the 4 x 10 gallons in the first pic. Also, there is also a circulating fan in the tent on the 2 x 35 gallons that blows past those plants and hits the canopy from the other side. Lastly, I have a blower in the tent that is helping circulate the air in the tent and also hits some of the canopy as well. It seems to be providing pretty good air flow right now, but I may have to add more.

    It is pretty thick though and I may have to look into getting another fan to help airflow later on. No bro, I am not doing a Foliar MBP SST as part of my IPM. Am I missing the boat here? I have to be honest I am rather new to SST's and have just been doing a soil drench whenever I do them. Unfortunately, last night was my last IPM in Flower, but would you recommend that being something I do in the future?
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  6. Your right on point. SST are for the soil.

    I have no rest with my IPM. I usually stop a few weeks before harvest. I got white flies that just love my canna.
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  7. Hey @FickySiskers, what does your IPM look like? Also, how late do you spray into Flower?
  8. My IPM spraying routine is every 3-4 days. Alternating

    1) neem oil
    2) botanical glycerine tincture(moringa, mamaki, halo koa)/EO (rosemary, palmarosa, lavender, red tyme, peppermint) alternating EO with every application. It depends on what's going on environmentally. This is combine with aloe and silica.
    3) Spinosad - I stop all application 3 weeks prior to harvest.
    4) BT - if I need but usually everything is controlled by the above.

    There is also neem and shrimp meal in the soil. If things are nasty I stop a week before harvest. If they are good I can go 2-3 weeks.
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  9. Hello Blades, just want to do a quick update. Day 21 of Flowering and everything is going well. Been crazy busy here lately so I apologize that the pictures aren't the best. Hope everybody enjoys.





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    Hey blades,
    Hope everyone is doing well. Just want to do another update. Day 42 of flowering and everything is going well. Will be doing a SST in a few days. Been mulching the pots with different types of clovers/cover crops chopped up, comfrey and composted wood. Super Sour Berry looks yellowish, but she is healthy it is just a strain that turns a multitude of different colors in Flower. Both Grandaddy purple's are starting to show some pinks and purples, but it may be hard to tell in some of the photos. Hope everyone enjoys.






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