Samsung red booster boards

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Megadethcloud, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Red Booster Sun Board 24v Samsung 48 LED Strip 660nm 730nm IR NOT Quantum | eBay

    I just purchased 2 of these boards for $38,I haggled with the seller a bit. I found an LED driver that can power up to 5 of them for $9. How many of these would you say would be appropriate for 4×2 space? I figured I'd start with two. I've also been looking at the Samsung sun boards also. I think I'm going to upgrade my veg lights with their 6500k strips. Just thought I'd share.
  2. 4 would be my vote
  3. That's what I was thinking, to get a good even spread.
  4. The only thing Samsung about this is the logo they stole and the 5630 footprint Samsung pioneered.

    Try and find this product on Samsung's website or even a google search.

    5630 is only available in white and Samsung typically uses Molex over Wago connectors.
  5. I'm not too worried about that. They do the job that I need them too. But your the expert.
  6. They will work, efficiency will just be lower and just pointing out they are not Samsung. Based on this type of product I'd expect them to run at 1.6 to 2umol/J chip level depending on what you got. Companies buy these dies from die produces and then put them in to their own sized packaging such as 5630.

    If the price was right and you're happy thats all that matters.
  7. They're just supplemental so it should be fine. I only paid $18 per board,not too bad I thought. I would've bought them whether they were Samsung or not.

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