Samsung Q.B 3000k+660mn

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  1. Hello all
    I bought the Samsung quantum board 240w 3000k+660mn
    Great board I'm really happy amazing quality!
    The question is like that,
    I got dimmer in my boards and on the maximum dimmer power its really really strong light
    So how i know what is the right high to put the light from the flowers?
    And how i know when to make the dimmer stronger?
  2. Veg you want 5k flower 3k.
  3. Converting Lux to PPFD & Measuring Lux with Smartphone
    You need a light meter to measure intensity. Check out this link it'll explain it all
  4. I bought the 3000k+660mn because it was the best option for me. 4 boards are way too expensive to me so i i ta the best option on 2 boards
  5. Id start with lights 24 inches from the top of the plant at half power and adjust from there. Watch the plants reaction.

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  6. You are the qb 288 v2
  7. I'll do that!

    Ok I'll buy one now! Thanks
  8. I just don't understand from Where do I measure the lux value, from top from bottom?
    And if m understand right the maximum
    PPFD that i will be needed is 1100 PPFD
    That i see down the page in
  9. Measure the light at the height of your plants or canopy. You are at seedlings?
    Start at 200 ppfd or lower 10,000-12,000 lux.

    1100ppfd is a level of light rarely achieved and you would need to supplement co2 to take advantage of it. I would just start with the basics first.
  10. I transfer the ladies now to the tent, im im allready order my lux tester but till its come my boards are 45cm from the top of my plans and about 1/4 of the power.
    All tge information about the humidity and temperature look pretty good..
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  11. Sounds good man . Spend some time reading and learning about your light.
    Learn how to dial it in to get the most out of it and you will be growing some quality bud in no time.
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