Samsara Love Potion (fem)

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  1. I started 2 threads about this grow but realized I wanted to change the title, pics, and all that. So just smoke another bowl and you should get over it.
    I have 2 potted samsara love potion plants feminized. The soil is fafard organic potting mix with some regular potting soil mixed in. I learned not to start seedlings in soil with nutrients in it, as they burn and die off relatively easy. I started giving these ladies some neptunes harvest fish fertilizer every 7-12 days since they started flowering. This particular fert is 2-4-1, where the 4 is what the plant needs more of the phosphorus when it flowers (if I'm not mistaken).
    Right now they are in their 8th week of flowering. Within the next 3 days I am going to harvest the one that is purple/silver like, as the other one looks like it has more time left to it. I ran into some mold these past 2 weeks. I had to chop off about 4 main colas because of it. I still see that some of the buds look brown, like they are rotting or something? I've never actually seen the browning on the buds themselves before, but it doesn't look like mold. Granted I haven't tried any of if yet, I wouldn't recommend this strain to people living where there can be a cold fall, or anyone who has a fall with inconstant sunlight, as it molds easy.
    The first picture is the plant that looks younger. I think I started it a week later. All the other pictures are of the second one.


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  2. Maybe a few days early. But they look more legit than the early ones I had to chop due to mold!

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  3. And it's a wrap

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  4. Another one for the books!!! Let us know how they yielded!
  5. Got an ounce, not what I expected. Fucking mold !
  6. Enjoy it while it lasts... do it bigger next season!

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