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  1. I am looking for FREE samples!! Where and how do I get them? We are on our first grow and are looking for any samples. Where do you guys get them? Thanks in advance for the help! :)
  2. LOL, yeah, right. Dream on.
  3. No hook-ups allowed on GC, if that's what you're getting at...
  4. Not looking for hookups. Looking for what compaines people have got free samples from. I've seen it millions of times on this forum as well as others, where people talk about getting free samples from business'. Bloombastic for example. FloraBlend ect.
  5. You're best bet is to call around and check with different companies. Ask the hydro stores if they have anything. Sometimes up and coming companies will give out free samples to hydro stores trying to make a name for their product. But the only times I've gotten free stuff is when I've bought in bulk and the owners of the grow store I go to will toss in something free. That's how I got started on smart pots. Got 6 or so free when I bought my T5s. But don't expect to get a bunch of free shit. Growing costs.
  6. in my experiences in the past with other products such as foods shampoo id call or e mail the company asking to recieve free samples of the products b4 i spent my money on them.. most of the time i was sent coupons for a free box of something or if shampoos a little package of the product.. also ive wrote to companies saying how much i love thier products and how ive used them for years they sent me free coupons for being a loyal customer... hope this helps...

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