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Sample of My Harvest w/ Pics

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wizkhalifa1, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. #1 wizkhalifa1, Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2010
    I personally think this is some dank shit and would like to know your opinion. This bud came off a plant that I grew at my friends house. First time grow, mind you. :cool:

    FAQ Answers
    I got the seeds from some random dude who said they were dank and he was right.
    I grew one plant that yielded 3.2 oz and that is a 3.6g nug pictured.
    When I smoke it, I get really baked off of one bowl and I have a medium tolerance.

    Just lemme know what you think the quality of the bud is because I grew it and would like some feedback :D


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  2. Looks great :smoke:
  3. Nice big tight nug with lots of visible trichs'. Good trim work too. Great job.

    How's the smoke?
  4. Great first grow, big ups!!!!

    What's the high like? Bagseed or?

    Great work sirrr:wave:
  5. Kudos man. I hope my first grow op next year looks as promising as that.. Might I ask where you acquired the seeds? Looks like some very dense nuggetry, my favorite! Also, my ADD couldn't help but notice the lone human hair on the nug :laughing:
  6. Looks proper, pretty dense sticky looking bud.

    +rep on your first grow
  7. it looks normal
  8. Looks good,shit looks like it will get your really stoooooned :smoking:
  9. How does it smell?
    Looks like mids.. maybe high mids..
  10. Looks fucking great! Maaad props on your first grow. I make 1 out of 3 assumptions on this bud:

    1. You had a lot of help from an experienced grower.
    2. This isn't your first grow, maybe just first full blown grow.
    3. You are a natural!!!

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and stick with #3 haha. Well done :hello:
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  11. looks like a decent bud to me. id smoke it:]
    i wish i could grow my own personal plant. just one to take care of n have for own personal joy.
    i just dont know enough about day..
  12. that bud looks nice and dank probably smells good too, yo wiz khalifa is the shitttt black and yella all day
  13. You're not being a "Pot-Snob" are you bro? That shit looks dank. No way is it mids!! Too orange, and has the classic dank shape to it. I'd smoke that alllll day.
  14. Could use a better trim, but looks pretty good. Especially for your first. Where'd you get the seed?? If it was bagseed that's damn good.
  15. For real? That's no "mids" or even "high mids". Maybe if you live in Cali or Amsterdam. The rest of the world would sell that as some "mild" dro.
  16. I just used the GC forums man. And I bought the seeds off of some dude who claimed they were Super Silver Haze. Theres no way in hell that this is SSH but its for sure some dank.
  17. Looks real good for a first grow man.

    And the mids comment haha

  18. Right on! Ya it is an amazing source. This forum is the shit. I had a pretty successful first grow as well based on a lot of information I obtained through GC.

    Givin it another go? How big was your grow? 1 plant? More? HPS it looks like?
  19. 1 plant CFL in my friends closet ftw. Idk how it came out so good tbh

    Its unknown dank so I still have to give it a name. Any Ideas GC?

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