Sammy Fraud-sa !!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by BeRzErKaS, Jun 5, 2003.


Do You Believe Sammy Sosa?

  1. I believe him! ...and we should go easy on him.

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  2. He's lying! ...ban the cheater!

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  3. Undecided ....and will wait for more evidence.

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  1. "Home Run King" my ass! That rat bastard was hittin homeruns with corked bats! [​IMG]

    He got ejected from a game yesterday after his corked bat broke and the umpire saw it. Today they checked all the rest of his bats and found that none of the others were corked. He says he "accidentally" chose the wrong bat.

    Do you believe him? Should his stats from the historic "Home Run Derby" season vs Mark Mcguire be striken from the record? What do YOU think??

    ESPN Coverage Here:
  2. In any case it's better than taking sterioids like meaty-arms Mcguire

    Sosa is a cool guy but i couldn't care less about baseball honestly, I hope he has plenty of free time to do the ineveitable charity appearances and mall openings that await him when he retires.
  3. meh . . . i dont even like baseball

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