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Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, as some of you know, ive been doing my little clothing company thing for a month or two now. Well my website ( - coming soon) will be up soon for all to see! If you have myspace, add the SamiDankinz myspace profile:

    What do we have?
    Hemp & Cotton Available:
    Polo Shirts
    Boxers and underwear

    and much more to come :)

    Thanks for the support so far guys, much love!

    From Palm Beach,
    Sami Dankinz

    Edit: SJ, Indi, RMJL, delete this if it isn't cool with you guys
  2. Represent that shit.

    EDIT: I don't know if this goes against the advertising rules, but you should make a little 50x50 image (or somewhere around that) that links to the site. I'd put it in my sig.
  3. werd. sounds pretty tight.
  4. Nice man, sounds tight. I've worked on a couple clothing lines before, so if you need any design or website help, hit me up.
  5. thanks guys! Pm'ed ya, amp! <3
  6. you should make GC an affiliate on your site. just post their link and for every person who buys something using your link you get paid. support GC
  7. will do :)
  8. nice/ good lookin out
  9. dude nexis, put the triangle back in the backround, i thought it looked sick like that.
  10. its goin in the background of some shit yo! <3:cool:
  11. im telling you dude, nobody is going to buy that crap.
  12. :cool: Cool it, son.

  13. Hey man, that's not like you?
  14. heh, nexis knows i'm pulling his leg, i already gave him feedback. :D

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