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Same Strains, Better High.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, May 20, 2013.

  1. So I got some Headband a while ago and it was some nice dank. I picked it up for 140 a half oz. Well i picked up a few weeks later the same strain and it was 100 a quarter. Obviously better stuff. Well it was better and got me higher. 
    My question is what makes one grow of the same strain than another grow of the same strain? I don't know anything about growing really but is it how its grown or the way its cured (whatever that means)? How come this batch seems as though it was a higher thc % than the one i picked up before?

  2. aware that price does not always determine quality, and it's very possible that even though your dealer called them both "Headband" neither were the true clone only Headband...
    ...and yes...
    There are literally hundreds of variables that determine the quality of the final product...I could list them for days...
    Just imagine buy $500 worth of paint for your paint it in your driveway with a brush...:eek:
    Now, take that same $500 worth of pain, and have a professional paint your car...
    Which has more bearing on the quality of the final product, the actual paint, or how it was done?
  3. How its grown, the medium used, hydroponics or soil, organic or not, experience of the grower, how skilled the grower is, and all plants are pretty much slightly different from seed even if they're the same genetics unless they are clones. 
  4. @[member="IgnorantFool"]

    love the eagle nebula in the sig. Such a beautiful place. Anyways thanks for the answer, it makes sense.

    thanks for the reply as well. Just more info to read about. thanks

    On a side note I like how they have a mark as solved button now. didnt see it before. I guess the mods have seen the post "/thread" alot lol

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