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  1. I had finally chosen Blue Dream and White Widow and placed my order with Seedsman. My credit card wasn’t accepted and they don’t block international purchases. So after weeks of deciding which new strains to grow I’m now looking at Attitude seed bank. Mostly because you can mix and match and seeds are ten or less. I see they have White Widow but from different breeders. Is there a difference? I’ve only ordered from Growers Choice and used a different credit card that Seedsman doesn’t take. They're promoting Zelle but I’ve read that that isn’t very secure. Hopefully I won’t run into issues with Attitude. It’s bad enough that there’s hundreds (thousands?) of strains to choose from. Now there’s the same strain from different breeders that don’t always have the same Sativa/Indica %. Any suggestions?
  2. The "Weed World's" like a Candy Store, you never know what ya goin to get.

    Or was that a Box of Chocolate's. Lol...
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  3. Dont order internationally, theres lots of good seedbanks in ( I'm guessing you live in ) USA.. heres a link to my seedbank thread, I suggest seedsherenow, Oregon elite or DC seed exchange in the USA section but they are all good or they wouldnt be on the list..
    SEEDBANK LIST - Canada, USA, UK, EU, AU Organized by Region

    As your strains go, the classics are always good.. if you want blue dream I'm pretty sure the most well known brand name that breeds it is Humboldt seed organization, .. for white widow I would probably go with Dutch passion or dinafem.
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  4. 72 seperate strains of White Widow are currently available

    and thats not the crosses or autos either

    all with seriously different traits

    like almost these guys just made it up

    with many having no hort: expeirence at all

    but how can I prove that and why should I

    so why was your CC rejected?
  5. I wanted to come back and add a little, I was on break when I wrote that.. I see vostok already started what I wanted to say..

    Every big brand name breeds white widow and most of them have some kind of blueberry x haze cross (blue dream..) when you want to buy these "classic" strains that everyone and their grandmother who gave them the genetics have bred.
    If you go and buy a WW or BD from a respected big brand name breeder ( Dutch passion, dinafem, barney, hso, ghsc. etc..... ) you will probably get some good plants but those strains literally just names at this point because there are so many breeders doing their own and you never really know what you're gonna get from one to the other...
    I personally stay away from big name breeders like that because they are more of a company that contracts breeders then a breeder that runs his own company.
    If you want any suggestions on strains lemme know what you're looking for and I can probably help
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  6. Thank you! The thing about a lot of the seed banks in the US seem to charge more for seeds and don’t sell them individually. But I see your point. I’ll check that thread out.
  7. I emailed customer service and they said my CC probably blocked it because it was an international purchase. But I’ve had this issue before and my card is not blocked for intl purchase. Kind of a pain. At least at Growers Choice the payment was smooth. Not sure about their genetics tho. I got Tangerine Dream Auto which was described as Sativa dominant and Barney’s Farm has it at 80% indica. And I got three AK autos that looked very different.
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  8. Very nice; thank you.
    My purveyor (GC) is on that list.
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  9. Indeed this ocean of choice is very dirty...imo
    until some consumer rights organization gets in
    and fix's these its a breeders world of lies and B/S
    only just recently one shoots to mind and that be Fast Buds and their various popular strains
    they lasted about a month at most on ICMAG before the old stoners boo'd them out with mods and admin running mad to bolster their rep, many members lost their membership but like here were back next morning
    White Widow was popular in the 1990's at least for us Easterners and mine at the time were Dina Fem from Spain owned by the Dutch, and very happy wit hthe outcome too
    as for 'hick bunny' from Omaha selling Hemp seeds on Ebay
    now graduating to online retail...? .....stay clear

    good luck
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  10. Thank you! Well, I like Sativa dominant. It has to be really good with pain and migraines. Ummmm....oh taste and smell is important. I like fruity and especially citrus. I don’t want a creeper strain because that will sneak up on you and say “you really shouldn’t smoke me on your work break”. But I want to grow more than one strain. Oh, and I’d also like to grow something that’s really colorful. Most colorful strains seem to be heavy on indica. But I def want to grow WW.
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  11. I ended up ordering some seeds from Grower’s Choice. I’ve ordered from them twice with all positive results. I got Tangerine Dream. My first plant was Tangerine Dream and the taste and smell is enjoyable. And I like the high a lot too. But best of all it really helps with pain. I’m growing inside this time. They have a special if you send a money order or cashier check you save $8.50 on CC fee and they send three free seeds. And it ships and processes more quickly. I learned so much from my first grow and know a lot of what not to do.

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