Same strain, by different breeders - same plant?

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    Wanting to grow some Jack Herer, so I do some research and discover that the original breeder is Sensi seeds, I also notice that the supplier also sells seeds of the same strain from a different seed bank (Green House).

    The difference I can see is that Sensi produce regular seeds and Greenhouse feminized seeds but Green House are significantly cheaper.

    Will these seeds from both banks grow into the same plant? I'm quite confused with the seemingly same name of plant by different breeders with significant differences in price... Are you really going to end up with the same product?

    Green House Jack Herer

    Sensi Jack Herer

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  2. of course not.
    strains with the same name from different breeders are almost always different since they generally use different parent plants, they just use these well-known names cuz this way they sell better. if you keep searching, youre gonna find that there are strains with the name "jack herer" not just from two, but more like a dozen breeders.

    in fact even the same strain from the same breeder, if available both as regular and feminized, will be two different versions, since the feminized version uses two female parents and the regular one female and one male, so at least one parent plant is different. Ive also heard of breeders updating their strains with or without notification, replacing parent plants to achieve different results.

    whatever strain you grow from seed, youre always gonna have various phenotypes, which means that each plant is going to grow a little different than the next one. good strains from good breeders are usually bred to reduce the variety of phenotypes, so that all plants grow very similar.
  3. the cheaper breeders would of most likely bought their original seeds from a big breeder like sensi and sells the seeds from breeding those. sensi would of put years of work in to stabilizing the breeds so have to charge accordingly but smaller breeders don't need to as they just buy some seeds and breed them out. I always go with the cheaper version but only from long standing companies. nirvana being a firm favorite of mine
  4. a lot of breeders are now using two stable unrelated parents and use these to produce seeds. the offspring will be F1 hybrids and very consistent. however if anyone tries to breed two F1 s they get F2s which will have more phenos than a common mongrel
  5. I would use the original breeder if possible.

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