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  1. ok the problem was leaf canoeing and tips burnt i have pic to help out a bit this time so no more frustration of me trying to explain whats goin on. as you can see in pic one the edges are toasty not on all leaft just the large fans. pic to shows the curling a little same with pic 2 and as for pic 4 the new middle leafs like to stand up. it is a little girl, but i doubt my crappy cam cought it at the top.

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  2. That looks like a magnesium deficiency, but magnesium deficiencies are often caused by low soil pH. Are you growing in soil? Do you have a recent pH reading from your runoff?
  3. well as bad as it sounds i have no ph testing equipment but i use tap water to be watering with and it is a ph at about 6-7 neer more than 7. it is a soil grow its organic merical grow
  4. Well, pH is an issue that requires attention when growing in soil. Cannabis needs the soil pH between 6.5 and 6.8. Adding nutrients to the soil cause the soil to grow more acidic (lower pH) over time as salts accumulate.

    The first nutrient to get locked out by low soil pH is magnesium. Your plant is showing a magnesium deficiency. It is likely that there is magnesium present but it is unavailable to the plant because the medium is to acidic, the soil pH is too low.

    You can get a cheap pH test kit at a hydro store/grow shop. If you don't have any of those around and you don't want to shop online then you can get a cheap pH test kit at a pet store. They use them for aquariums.

    The way to correct low soil pH, if that is indeed the problem, is to flush the soil by pouring three times the soil volume worth of pH 7.0 water through it. Measure the runoff to gauge your progress.

    Good luck.
  5. thank you very much for your help and support
  6. ok so i flushed it and it looks sooooo pissed off the leafs are all drooped and such, i hope is snaps out of it
  7. Over watered. Get a ph test
  8. wasnt i suppose to over water? isn't thats the point of flushing to wash out all the bad junk? im gonna be angry is my barley sick plant dies because, i flushed it....
  9. flushing it won't kill it, weed is a resilient plant believe it or not. Get a cheap ph test kit and figure out what you need to do.
  10. thank you i didnt think it would kill it pot plant i knew could take some abuse and still grow
  11. Go to Walmart or Pet Smart and get a freshwater ph tester for like $4. Then test your water. Good luck.
  12. This looks to me to be more of a potassium shortage.
    Perhaps too much calcium in your water. You should check your local water report to see if your water is hard or soft.
    I wouldn't doubt a magnesium issue, and a pH issue as well.

    This could all be the result of heat stress. If the average temperature at the canopy is over 80 the plant might not be able to transpire quickly enough, which causes the curling, and eventual burning, of your fan leaves.
  13. well it stays at right about 80....i gave it it's flush last evening it drooped down and looked pretty sad but its look good and perky this morning so i'm pretty happy..our local water is a little hard. so this could be the cause of this, i'm thinking i may boil some up let it chill. and use that next watering witch wont be for a couple days. i know our tap water sits right at 6-7 all the time never more never less. will boiling the water affect the ph of the water? because im just trying to get other impureties out with the boil..
  14. Tap water has chlorine in it. Put a gallon of water in a five gallon bucket for 24 hours before(water must be ph adjusted to 5.8) you put it on your plants.

    8.0 is super duper high. Your plants are doing nothing in that kind of water.

    Would you rather have water full of chlorine and salts and all kinds of trace minerals or fresh clean water? Why? Your body can take the abuse? You'll keep growing. But what would you look like?

    Your going to need ph up and ph down and a proper ph pen
    just purchase distilled water from the store. Cheap. Test your water. Adjust to 5.8 and water lightly. Too much water and your plants droop. Water logged

    keep taking photos. Keep us posted.
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    Where I live we have hard water also it Ph tests out around 6.8-7.2+. Hard water has alot of calcium and magnesium in it. Yes you can boil water to get alot of the impuritys out but then your also losing the oxygen in the water and would need to replace that oxygen which is quite easy just get a cheap fish tank air pump, some tubing and and air stone and stick it in your boiled off water after its cooled down for a a little bit, doesnt take long to get air back in the water that way. A cheap aqaurium PH tester from Wal Mart will give you a general idea of what your PH run off is but for a more accurate reading your gonna need to spend the money on a good digital tester and some calibration solution for it and I would suggest getting some PH Up & Down solution. Also you can buy RO water at most grocery stores for around .25 cents a gallon or a little more depending on the store. I bought a couple of refillable 3 gallon water jugs for the RO water. The RO water in my area PH tests out at 5.0-5.5 so it nessecary to PH up it.
  16. RO filtered water should not have a pH. There should be no impurities present to create an imbalance of H+ to OH- ions in the solution. RO water is as "neutral" as 7.0 pH, always, meters will not be able to accurately present the pH of RO filtered water due to the lack of impurities.

    Drop in just a little bit of something and then you can take a reading.

    6.0 to 7.0 is a 100 magnitude change in acidity. Yes, the numbers are close together, but the values increase exponentially (like the Richter Scale). Just a deviance of .1 is a difference of x10. My tap water is at 7.15 when at room temperature, and I get some premo Oregon stream water. Screw that recycled human waste treated and then fed back to us.
  17. my tap water isn't 8.0 ph thats the temperature of canopy is 80 degrees the ph of my water is 6 no more than 7 ever i had a salt water fish tank and i check the tap water so i could use that instead of distilled but i boiled out the chlorine before i put it in. i have to ph tests left it was like the stick and the base liquid and the test strips but i ran out so i have nothing to test ph.
  18. So what happened to the plant?

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