Same model bong Ted smokes out of in Ted 1

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  1. I bought this bong from my cousin who bought it from a store long before the movie Ted and so is the crack. The Dynamite distributions imprint is visible in the movie in case you are wondering. I turned it into a glass on glass, 18mm. In the process I cracked it(long before Ted). Cracks about 1/2" now anybody have suggestions? I wrote all of this to point out my care for it, now.
  2. a picture wouldnt hurt
  3. The crack is right below the rubber piece. And glass is 7-9mm thick all around so it's strong, even made it through a drop on concrete when I first got it
  4. Idk what you should do. If it was mine i would cover the crack with a strip of epoxy
  5. Throw it out, or clean it. Holy crap that's filthy, would you drink out of a cup that's become incrusted with soda. You'll have lesss a chance of breaking it the cleaner it is, all that build up ruins the glass. You cant fix a crack, a blower wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. Count your losses.
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