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same dream for 3 nights am i possessed by satan?

Discussion in 'General' started by VagDiddler, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. so like a few days ago i had this crazy dream

    where i was working out and my arms and legs were swole as fuck

    but my torso and core was tiny

    and i was walking around the gym on all fours like a gorilla and yelling at people

    and there were sound effects similar to shitty 80s scary movies like the shining

    i didnt think it was a problem but then i had the same exact thing the next 2 days and i never had recurring dreams before wtf is happening
  2. Short answer, yes
  3. lol "possessed by satan"

  4. no laughing matter bro im kinda nervous about going to sleep now
  5. Hit my pay pal with $50 and I'll show you how to defeat Satan.:cool:

  6. Considering there is no such thing as 'satan', I think you are more than okay. ;)
  7. lol have you changed your smoking habits recently?

    I have the same dreams all the time, with little changes here and there.... shit i ALWAYS dream (nearly every night) with a linear plot that makes absolutely no sense... some people think it has some super deep meaning, i just consider it sleep entertainment hahahaha

  8. but if there was thats exactly what he would say wouldnt it
  9. Satan is, like, the king of sound effects, dude... I'd seek counsel with the church immediately.
  10. Have you been working out a lot or considering it? Perhaps your brain is protesting the thought (or a part of you wants to go ape on everyone). :smoke:
  11. I'm thinkin drinkin contemplatin, Ain't no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it

  12. i always workout though why do i have weird dreams about it now unless the devil is involved

    i think i need a exorcism

  13. Alright now this is just troll status :p

  14. i think common dreams mean something like if you dream about falling or being naked in class or whatever

    what do you mean about smoking habits?

  15. no i really did have the same dream 3 times

    im kidding about satan lol
  16. [quote name='"VagDiddler"']

    i always workout though why do i have weird dreams about it now unless the devil is involved

    i think i need a exorcism[/quote]

    Stop being a baby. How many people can say they've been possessed by Satan? You should feel lucky you get to experience what few do. Just enjoy it and stop complaining
  17. I actually have a recurring dream that only happens when I play a certain game. This is an old game I don't even remember the name of anymore, but every time I played it I would have the dream and wake up completely frozen, unable to breathe, unable to move, until I blinked then I could move again. And this happened for a few nights in a row when I was 6 the very first time it happened and it happened a lot between 6-7, then again when I was 11, and then again when I was 16. The game is what triggered the dream for me because I'm in an area of the game in the dream, I don't know why it started to happen at 11 and 16 when I hadn't touched the game. I'm just hoping it never happens again. So maybe you're doing something different now that triggers the dream?

    My nightmares are all recurring dreams though, I have a series of like 9 nightmares that I can completely remember and it's the same dream every time. Otherwise I never remember my dreams.
  18. Give him a what up for me tonight, I think he has already reserved a spot for me down there.
  19. You shouldn't cast judgment so quickly. My grandmother once fell in the bath and no one here would help me, as I was told that I was "trollying" or whatever you kids say these days.

    Needless to say, she drowned later that night.

  20. There's a difference between someone falling in a bathtub, and someone becoming possessed by something that doesn't even exist though. If he were really sketching about it he'd seek help in real life and not resort to asking a bunch of stoners on the internet.

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