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same as my other one INFO on the Pot march in NYC on april 4th and 5th

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sin, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. all right well I got a lot of info on the march now ... some guy sent me lotsa stuff in the mail SO I will let you know some stuff as well.
    there are marches both on may 4th AND 5th
    there are 160 participating cities. (Go to for list of cities)
    the corner of Broadway and Washington place. there will not be any demonstration IN the park but at that corner at 11:00 am. (seems a bit early for a bunch of pot heads but OK)
    for info on this march you can call 212-677-7180
    on the 5th at Huston and Broadway the march starts off there at 1 PM promptly and reaches city hall park just before 2pm
    last year there were roughly 225 arrests in battery park and many more around it..the best place to be is IN the parade or around the street watching it as there were a lot less arrests in and around it.
    if you are in NY you can go to meetings on Sundays at 6 at #9 Bleeker St. one block west of bowery.
    they also have tranings Sat at noon meeting at Washington Square hotel, and promenades around the village from Bleeker and Macdougal at 5pm thurs friday and sat.
    and ignore all rumors of cancellation
    all right that is all the stuff I got from one of the promoters. I hope it helps and I hope some of you guys can use this info.
    -sin CRITTER 2 IS TRYING TO BE HELPFUL BY CHANGING opps sorry. april to may

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