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Samantha walking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. While The Hempress and Dingusus were here Samantha decided to show off and start walking.

    Tonight she can't be held down..

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  2. ahhhh, she looks so happy :)
  3. Yea she is a happy baby!

    Here is #2

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  4. thats one cute kid ya got yourself bh, shes gonna be a hearbreaker

  5. yeah, she's already broke one!

  6. Yours or lil' Dingusus?
  7. i was thinking the littlest Dingus, but now I think about it I think mine did break a little when I saw her hit her head that one day trying to run...that was scary :p

  8. You'll have to get up here to be able to see for yourself.
    She is one smart girl. She already knows how to get what she wants..
  9. i really do plan on coming up the 4th, that way i can meet everyone, this is gonna be great if it all comes together.

  10. Of course she does Critter. At least I hope she does! LOL
  11. She's too cute, Bud Head! She's WALKING!!! Wow...she is going to get into everything! I'm happy for you, dude. Kids are so cute.

    See, just seeing those pics has me set for another two or three months and a friend just had a baby so that added about 6 months plus I have other friends who have this rate, I'll never have to have my own!!! I can just enjoy everyone elses! Great plan! Keep posting pics! LOL! (Don't get me wrong, though. I know I'd make a kick ass mother...that's just a huge responsibility that I'm not ready for yet!)
  12. Critter, how old is your youngest child? I hope i'm not being to nosey...

    Thanks for all the comments.. I'm proud that she is doing so well!..

    She will be 10 months in 2 more days!
  13. aaaaaaaaaaw! what a cutie! next time (the forth possibly?!) maybe Ill be able to meet that sweetheart of yours! :)
  14. Sounds good sensi! Come on down and get you some Bar-B-Q.
  15. lol
    Last i remember seeing her was when the superbowl was around, n ya had her in a titans cheerleading outfit lol.
    grown alot since then
  16. Hahahha Shae can't even wear that outfit now.. I don't think she can any way!

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