Sam Harris APPRECIATION thread

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  1. I am tired of posting Mr. Harris on other threads. Is there anyone else out there who appreciates the genious of this guy.

    [ame=]Sam Harris - The Moral Landscape - 2010 Texas Book Festival FULL - YouTube[/ame]

    I am listening to this right now, and I fail to see where his logic is flawed.
  2. [ame=]Sam Harris BigThink (ALL) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Lemme guess, you're Sam Harris?

    Who the fuck is Sam Harris?
  4. Check him out dude. I am not Sam Harris.
  5. I see you like Carlin. You should dig Sam Harris.
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    Not sure why some people make such a big deal out of him, he doesnt say anything thats new, groundbreaking or interesting. Just the same stuff everyone has already heard of. He's just someone making money from writing books on atheism.

  7. You are an idiot.
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    Sorry if you feel like I insulted your savior. Just telling you the truth, he has nothing new to say and gets paid by people like you.
  9. Now you can't bitch when we go in your theist threads. Just sayin', it says fucking APPRECIATION in the title in caps.
  10. You do it all the time, whats your point? When have I bitched at you about it?
  11. I have never given Sam Harris a dime, I do not view him as my savior or anyone elses. He is simply a guy who sees and is able to articulate the world view of someone like you for what it is, a massive afront on logic and reason, and a true threat to any type of harmonious global population. And from your insistence in this post I can safely say that not only are you an idiot but an asshole as well. You can go on defending your "sky is red" position but I assure you that it is blue. Isn't there some kumbaya thread you go to and virtually hold hands? Now please leave this thread alone. You fail to see the groundbreaking work Mr. Harris has done with FMRI imaging, I imagine that this is because you haven't bothered to see it at all. To say that Sam Harris has nothing new to say is just plain inaccurate. The premise of "the Moral Landscape" is entirely new and opens whole new doorways in the realm of morality and how people concieve of it. His views about free will are neither convenient nor comforting but they are based in scientific evidence. KushLord- your frequent postings on these message boards are quite evidenciary that you lack the conviction of your own position, if Jesus were alive (in your heart) I am sure he would direct you somewhere other than the pot forums to prosyletize in his name. Your arguments in this thread and others, are weak at best. If you want to talk about people who are in it for the $, how about DeSouza, Craig, Wolpe or Chopra- they are willing to LIE in order to line their pockets.
  12. 420NF- thanks for chiming in.
  13. [ame=]Is Christian morality psychopathic? (Sam Harris) - YouTube[/ame]
  14. [ame=]Best of Sam Harris - YouTube[/ame]
  15. All I'm saying, Sammie Harries owes me and my boys close to 10000, if you see him, tie the boy up and PM me so I can get my gwop back

  16. No, I never go in the 'theist lounge' or whatever you guys have. This is an appreciation thread and right off the bat first page we got disrespect.

    You even say yourself, our 'savior', YOU DISRESPECT OUR ALLAH.


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