Salvage bud rot?

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    My plants are ready. I don't know how I know, but they are. My plants have bud rot; all my fault.
    My partner thinks we can just cut off the brown parts, salvage the rest, and boogie on with drying.
    I take a more cautious view; "don't smoke anything with mold".
    I look, I read...
    Some say; "throw it away" some say "salvage what you can".
    What say you?
    Thank you, in advance.
  2. IMO: carefuly trash the worst, and wash the rest in a bowl of warm water and 15% bleach
    then dip again in cold water to wash of the bleach
    hang to dry as useal
    the bleach turn any active fungi to shit very quick once dry pick it out and disgard

    best used in cooking!

    good luck
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  3. Yea be extremely careful. All that powder is spores and the will spread like wild fire.
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  4. Thank you.
  5. Thank you.
  6. Yes this is soooo True

    see it like Flue for plants
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  7. [​IMG]
    This is Caterpillar damage.
    Pulling off the dead dried bud will expose a green wiggling Caterpillar busy chewing the next bud stem in reach.

    If you have NOT been spraying BT every week them I'd start hunting for catties in them buds.

    If it is bud rot then follow the rot advise. If it's caterpillars it's a different issue.

  8. Again, I thank you. I have brought some buds in and for the life of me
    I can't see any caterpillars or any other critters.
    I will go out right now, and do it again.

    Uh.. I may have missed the "rot advice".
  10. I went outside, took some photos, brought in a couple of samples and photoed.
    I post these photos as the best explanation of what I have.
    I put the clippings in a glass bowl; no critters.
    I think it's Botrytis Cinerea... (bud rot).
    Any further advice?
    DSCN0529.JPG DSCN0530.JPG DSCN0532.JPG DSCN0533.JPG DSCN0528.JPG S20190711_0005.jpg S20190711_0006.jpg S20190711_0007.jpg

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