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    the rest is just a rant, if your not interested dont bother.

    Just saying hey from utah its cool to be here, im gonna try to learn as much as I can about the plant and try to grow as a smoker, its nice to meet you all. Im going to try and post exclusively as possible while baked, but this post was just gonna be too long to pull off, I only would of gotten distracted half way through and woken up with my laptop cord tangled around my torso with my pants half way off and a half eaten pineapple on the floor.


    Let me just preface this:

    Im no were near diluted enough to think that any of these things happened because I started toking, Im merely pointing out that they managed to happen in spite of my new found hobby.

    See, I took my first hit about... nine months ago, I was going to smoke with one of my old roommates when my car was towed out of a Walmart parking lot. I ended up sitting at a gas station for an hour waiting for my parents to come get my car out of lock. A week later I finally managed to meet up with him again but I digress not only was he smoking skank weed, but he was smoking the dusty crumbles of skank weed. I carefully positioned my hair as to not catch it in the bic lighter my friend was positioning for me and took a hit from the fragile make-shift bong. Tiny hints of light translucent wisps of smoke making their way down through the tin-foil capped bottle lid, through the disassembled pen tube into the water and out of the tiny hole around which my lips were wrapped. About two tiny puffs of scarce skank weed later and I had gotten high for the first time; and high as a kite.

    At that point in my life I was living in my parents basement, unemployed, most of my friends had gone off and I had found myself in that stage of life where your not sure what exactly it is your doing but you have a feeling your doing it wrong. Nine months pass, and now I find myself pulling 15 second hits of snowcap out of a full fledged 2' tall piece of 'glass art'. Mind you not a bragging gesture, but a demonstration of how far Ive come. I have become a 'pot-head', a 'dope'. Ive gone from absolute sobriety to sneaking hits out of produce from behind a dumpster. By all of society's standards my becoming a 'pot-head' should be swiftly followed by a nasty decline, a fall into the cesspool of laze and daze. I should still be sitting in my parents basement far worse for the wear with an ice cream scoop out of my brain and drool slipping from my loose lower lip, a distraught mother crying from the top of the stairs. But thats just not what happened.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Flat[/ame]

    So what did? In those same nine months since ive started this, the same nine months in which I became a dope smoking, law breaking, hopped up grass-fiend, Ive also gotten a full time job, an apartment, a full new set of friend, and I pay most of my own expenses (a big step up from the 0% I'd been paying for oh.... 18 years). I go hiking and camping now for entertainment, before I just played WoW (far more dangerous than drugs). I eat fruit instead of fat, thanks to some light lurking here; because it helps curb the munchies. I spend my days off mowing my parents lawn, and running errands at the bank; Im behaving now with more responsibility than I ever have. As I said before, Im not fool enough to think that these things happened because I started, merely demonstrating that they managed to happen in spite. But it is odd to think that I found my job, because I smoked a blunt with a stranger who would become my manager. Most of the friends ive met have come through... you guessed it, sharing the tasty lips of a bong.

    I just felt like ranting and figured my story defys the standards we have. I have a feeling alot of other people have the same.

  2. hey I also so live in utah.
    I'm looking for some cool people to hang out with
    I'm finging it rough to make friends that think the way we do
    So hit me up with a PM and maybe we could chill :bongin:
  3. Heh.. Right on man.

    My life might not have much direction right now but I stay employed and make sure to help my parentals whenever possible. (Last year I had to roof because they are on a fixed income.. The only thing that pulled me through that hell was the green goddess)

    I try and make sure i'm not a total burnout until I get the motivation to make a change that "society" would be proud of. ;)

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