salty leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by medicalgrows, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. ok have been using the 3part general hydro nutrient solutions and in a waterfarm and she is very salty on the leaves ...what to do?
  2. this isn't a very good question........ what do you mean salty leaves.... got pics???? need more info if you want people to help you out.......
  3. Could ya pass me the pepper my fricken leaves are a little salty:laughing: Oh and I have a question what do the stems taste like? Stop eating your leaves, ya hungry, get a burger!:laughing: :bolt:
  4. You could try adding some vinegar if that doesn't work try pepper as recommend above. :D

    On a more serious note, what do you actually mean?
  5. is it flowering? lol if it is then that isnt salt, its THC lol. But otherwise... salt? wtf...
  6. Do you mean there are little white dots and shit on your leafs? That's crystals man...:D

  7. HIGH All, yes you have to some more info Bro...just not enough.
  8. it looks like when you wash your car with hardwater and don't wipe it up and it leaves that "water spot"...if that helps any
  9. HIGH All, have you spilt anything on it? Do you Foilar Feed?
  10. yeah sounds like that would be the problem...thats a little better description than salty leaves lol I imagined salt on your leaves:D
  11. if you are misting them or puring water on the plant i am betting it is hardwater stains. or you could be growing a french fry lol

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