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Salt water in bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chemists, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. My troll attempt failed:eek:

  2. Thats the thing, I didnt ask anyone anything scientific lol. I asked if everyone has ever tried this before. Then all I did was correct someone on simply using the wrong word and BAM. lol

  3. Yeah, it wasn't clever or funny. Maybe next time though?
  4. [quote name='"Aracratz"']

    Okay, fair enough. I accept your criticism.

    I recognize that you, my good sir, are the higher entity here. And respect will be shown where it is due.[/quote]


  5. Because you tried arguing the difference between suspensions and saturation to a group of stoners, who used the words interchangably. I know a suspension in water makes it seem like a colloidal suspension and saturation is different than that, I get it. But it wasn't worth correcting everyone when you started the thread to ask if someone had experience. Since no one had experience, they tried to give you what speculation they had about it.

    If you wanna correct people, fine. Probably not the place to do it in a thread where you are asking help though. Comes off as arrogant and rude, and comes off like you really weren't interested in their answer in the first place unless they said the answer you wanted to hear.

    You may not have intended to do that, but that's kinda what happened. People don't wanna be told their wrong anyways, especially when your asking for help :p
  6. It was my first attempt alright!:eek:

    I'm just a peaceful canuck what do i know about trolling?:D

  7. Point taken.

  8. Trolling, not much. Logging, hockey, and maple syrup? I am sure with those topics you have much more to bring to the table. :cool:
  9. Replace the hockey with snowboarding and you got it!

  10. Replace, or add snowboarding to that list. Isn't hockey a requirement by the Canadian constitution?

    Oh yeah everyone, this thread is now about Canadian stereotypes. Go! :smoke:
  11. Lol thats ok, GO BRUINS ( sorry raven lol)
  12. #72 raven46, Mar 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2012
    Here we go lol... I played competitively when i was really little until i found a better sport(pic is in my avatar). Now i just dick around on the out door rinks with friends.

    I got nothing against rooting for hockey teams. If you start chanting about the redskins, patriots, steelers and some of my hated NFL teams then its on!
  13. Though I do apologize for being arrogant earlier; to anyone who I offended.
  14. Blackhawks FTW!

  15. LOL do you see my pic? Pats all the way! ( now go ahead and rub in the SB loss ).
  16. [quote name='"chemists"']

    LOL do you see my pic? Pats all the way! ( now go ahead and rub in the SB loss ).[/quote]

    Don't mind if I do

    Nananabooboo the sucktriots lost the sb ahahahahahahahahaha Boston teams failing makes me a happy person :hello:
  17. Its OK, theyre comin back with rage this upcoming season! Love all the NE sports teams haha.

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