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Salt water in bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chemists, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Wasnt trying to be a dick, I just sort of figured you would have read what I said before; not that Im a chemist because I know the difference between suspension and solution, but because I said I had knowledge of the subject. I was just asking if anyone had ever tried this before; I know full well that it will work. Sorry for pissing you off.

  2. mmmhmmm....
  3. [quote name='"chemists"']

    Thats what im trying to avoid. I dont want salt to precipitate out of the solution when I put it in the freezer. Ideally, id like to just add enough salt so that it could be cooled to 32F without freezing.[/quote]

    It would be better to use more salt. This should be obvious to a chemist...

    Salt has like a super low heat capacity, so the more you add to the solution the quicker it can "warm up." this is apparent for anyone who has made pasta and added salt to the water. It boils faster.

    Q=mc(theta). That should be familiar to you.

    I think you could take 30g salt to 1 liter water and if your freezer can handle it down to about -15c. The 500 to 700c smoke would be cooled very quickly in that solution and you shouldn't find a precipitation from super salinization at these volumes/masses and temperatures. If anything, the air might get too cold. Depends on how chilly the freezer can go.
  4. man, your slippin chem.. though you were doin this lastnight? was lookin for the outcome! lol
  5. I guarantee 100% that if you don't wash your glass out with fresh water (after the salt water), you'll get salt stains. Not really a big issue, but it'd be enough to deter me from trying it.

    An easier way to get cold hits, is to fill the bubbler to your standard water level and put in the freezer. Let it sit in there until a very thin layer of ice forms, then you're good to go. This also has the advantage of completely cooling the glass, which further cools hits via conduction.

    I've tried this a few times and enjoyed it, but I wouldn't really say it's worth the effort. Just don't forget it in the freezer. If you do, and the ice doesn't have room to expand, it'll likely crack. I've forgotten my bubbler in the freezer before, and have come back to find it frozen solid; fortunately it didn't break though.
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    Youre a moron, you add salt to pasta to RAISE the boiling point, basic freshmen chemistry dude. Adding salt raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point of water. How the fuck would adding salt decrease the boiling point and the freezing point. Has absolutely zero to do with salts heat capacity, look up the fucking definition dude. You guys are really trying to make me be a dick, trying to call me out about what I should know if im a chemist. Do yourself a favor, get a freshmen chemistry book and get back to me.

    OK enough chemistry shit, seriously. THIS THREAD WAS ASKING IF PEOPLE HAVE TRIED IT, NOT FOR PEOPLE TO TRY AND EDUCATE ME ABOUT CHEMISTRY. For fucks sake, I tell you im a chemist and everyone tries to tell me how things work. I never said I know everything, just what im talking about. Lesson learned, dont talk chemistry to stoners. JESUS CHRIST.

    Name-Calling is not allowed here. - KSR
  7. Ill do it tonight LilJ, sorry, been trying to defend myself all damn day :p
  8. according to my calculations it should lower the boiling point and freezing point of the H40
  9. thought it was common sense that salt in water lowers freezing point.. isnt that why i put salt in the cooler of beer? or how about salt and ice cube on a friends hand? I mean shit even a stay at home dad like me can learn a thing or two via mythbusters! lol Guess common sense isnt so common huh?
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    1. Name calling is not welcome on the GC forum. This is a term of service you agreed to when you signed up.

    2. SwRI Lighter Side
    You sir, have done all the work for me. Your very angry tirade has been met with a source, and science, and you have been found to be ignorant.

    3. Trololololol :smoke: Good job. Maybe next time spend some of that awesome money you make with your chemistry degree on a bong with an ice catch. Genius...
  11. I would not hit a bong with salty water in it. Sounds like a good way to have a nice salty hit though.
  12. Thanks for taking the time too search online for that. Try searching colligative properties. Salt water boils at a higher temperature than regular water, period. End of discussion, Whether its a table spoon for 100g, it changes it even if its slight. You can tell me my degree is garbage and whatever, thats fine, do this for yourself. IDK where you searched for that, but everywhere else online says what im saying. It makes no sense that adding the same amount of heat to a salt solution and regular water would make the salt water boil faster, even though it technically has a higher boiling point, even if its insignificant ( though almost 5 degrees F isnt insignificant if your numbers are right).

    I really dont know why this got off topic.

    Side note, it works, only had a small amount of water thatll fit in my bong but it didnt freeze and it worked. Got a bong kiss though, that sucked lol.
  13. Why don't you just put your bubbler full of water in the fridge?

    It'll cool the water down plenty and you won't run the risk of breaking your glass or smoking out of salt water. It's gotta effect the taste of the bud and that alone would cause me not to try it.

    Also since you've posted it a million times Congrats on your degree man that shit was probably crazy hard work
  14. This is clever, I'm surprised I've never thought of it.
  15. And just to give SCMC some credit, the heat capacity of water is slightly different than that of salt water. But, just like the boiling point changing is insignificant, so is the change in heat capacity. Salt water will boil slower than regular water if both are given the same amount of energy, not by a ton though.
  16. For anyone whos interested, I shot a video of salt water next to regular water. Ill upload it once I make a youtube account. The regular water started boiling about half a minute before the salt water.
  17. Wap wap waaapppp
  18. In Summary;

    Salt water did work in the bong ( It didnt freeze and was pretty damn cold ). Honestly not worth the effort and preparation though (shoulda got a bong with an ice catch).

    Sorry again for being a dick, but just because I say im a chemist doesnt mean you have to try and prove me wrong ( which in turn pissed me off lol).
  19. This thread is funny

  20. I don't think it's so much as everyone was trying to prove you wrong. I think its more along the lines of you asking us if a scientific concept will work for smoking, a bunch of stoners having no idea and telling you that you shouldn't go though the effort, you tell a bunch of stoners that their speculation is wrong and berate some of the members, then in the end you find out that you weren't exactly right in an argument with a member, and that it WAS too much effort.

    KISS man. Always do the KISS method. Keep It Simple, Stupid :smoke: lol Not name calling, just teasing. Seriously though, super cooling the water is just asking to put stress on your glass anyways. Not to mention a salty hit probably tasted awful.

    General rule on grasscity also, when you ask for advice in a thread, but don't wanna take people's advice, it will generally end in people arguing and getting mad at you for not wanting to take anyone's advice.

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