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Salt water in bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chemists, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever try this? I was thinking about it today because I cant get ice in my bubbler, but if I put a shit load of salt in the water and put it in the freezer, I should be able to get super chilled water in without it freezing int he freezer. Anyone ever try this?
  2. Yeah, it actually burns my lungs bc its so cold.

    Plus the salt may fall out of suspension. You'd have to super-saturate it at a rolling boil

  3. You mean fall out of solution. I didnt necessarily mean saturating it to such a degree, just low enough so it wouldnt freeze. But thanks.
  4. No, I mean what I say. The particles are suspended in the solution. This is 7th grade shit right here...

    By your logic, the solution would be H20NaCL which is completely impossible
  5. My name isnt for show kid. A water with dissolved salt in it is a solution. When the salt precipitates out, it becomes a suspension, but its called falling of solution. Falling out of suspension makes no sense, because it would have already been out of solution...
  6. dont fill you bubbler with salt lol.

  7. No, youre not getting it. Salt water doesnt freeze at 32F, super chilled water.
  8. Sounds cool man
  9. Nah dude, it would fall out of suspension. The saturation point would be lowered at a lower temperature. You're right though. I used the wrong word there. My sincerest apologies :) I'm too stoned for my own good

    When NaCl is dissolved into water, it ionizes into Na+ and Cl-. When it gets colder, the Na+ and Cl- would recrystalize and become suspended. Know what I'm saying?

    Sorry broski, I mean no harm. I thought you were getting at something else. I just can't comprehend things right now. Bear with me haha
  10. ^congrats on being one of the few intelligent people on the internet capable of admitting they did or said something incorrect

  11. No harm taken, but youre still wrong lol. Things dont fall out of suspension; that implies the salt was dissolved in the water ( which makes it a solution ) and then the salt recrystallizes, falling out of SOLUTION. Im really not trying to be a dick, IDK how else to point out that my user name isnt for show, its what I do. And the salt wouldnt fall out of solution unless you got it close to its saturation point before freezing, table salt is extremely soluble in warm and cold water.
  12. if you fully saturate the water with salt at room temp, then when you cooled it any bump would cause the excess salt to crystalize. Just make sure you don't put too salt in, remember that cold water can dissolve less salt than warm water.
  13. Im gonna try it, Ill let you know how it goes.
  14. Okay, fair enough. I accept your criticism.

    I recognize that you, my good sir, are the higher entity here. And respect will be shown where it is due.
  15. salt water will prob have only a minimal effect on taste. your main question should be if the salt water stains are worth the increase in coldness. Personally, I would say it's not worth the extra mess, considering the 15 or so degree temp change prob won't have a significant effect on hit smoothness. creative idea though. if you do try this, let us know if salt makes any discernible difference.
  16. Freezer temp glass plus fire to smoke could be bad. Just my opinion, itd suck if your glass broke or something.

  17. i know lol.

    actually go for it, fill that bitch with salt. let us know how it goes too. its not gonna diffuse it, or cool your hit though. if anything the cold water would do more than the cold salt.

    buy a nice glass on glass bong with an ice catch if you want hits like the one i just ripped.:wave:
  18. I wouldn't put salt in a piece unless its with running alcohol to clean it
  19. IMO, just use cold water man...?

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