Salt water in bong?

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  1. after every time i clean my bong i fill it up with salt water instead of plain water and i notice it takes away all smells of resin or smoke away.

    anybody else doing this or something that achieves the same effect?
  2. Never bothered trying because right after I clean my glass I usually intend to use it.
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  3. ive heard about adding a little bit of lemon juice to the water, supposedly it helps with the smell and keeps it cleaner than normal water. never tried it though.
  4. i smoke through salt water not just put it in :cool:

    u just use salt water instead of ur regular bong water.
  5. Hmmm, interesting I don't know why it would keep the smell of resins down. Possibly because it also keeps the tar level down in the smoke itself. Then you have less tar on the sides of you bong and more in the water, but then that seems like it'd reek even more. However, that would make the "smoke" smell in the smoke be less "smokey" (are you sober enough to follow that?).

    Possibly the Na and Cl ions in the water attract ions from the tar, like one of those ionized air filters. Thats all stoner hypothesizing, but if true in any way that would mean cleaner hits, which means I'm using warm salt water from now on.
  6. im not sure about any of that haha but i was really high and my bong smelled like ass after i cleaned it 1 time and some how i thought of putting salt in it.. and that took care of the smell.
  7. Bad idea. More dissolved solids in the water means less filtration because the water is less capable of absorbing anything. That's why the water stays 'cleaner'. You're just putting that shit into your lungs and defeating the purpose of water filtration. Bad idea.

    I guess they really don't teach basic science in school anymore. Sad.
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  8. oh my water doesnt stay cleaner it gets dirty just as fast. i only use salt water to take care of the smell left in the bong even when its empty. also i never really thought about solids being in the water making the water able to filter less.. that would mean a water with 1ppm is really good at filtering right?

    n nice crack at my age but im no child :smoke:

  9. The ability of bong water to filter out toxins and tar is pretty overrated. Its main function is cooling your hit. The dissolved salt in the water is going to have a very negligible effect on the ability of the water to "filter" out any undesirables in smoke tbh

  10. This may be true, but I think salt + lungs = bad.
  11. You may not be a child but you're still wrong. The more pure the water, the better the filtration, period.

    I never said it was a good way to filter. I made a specific comment about putting salt in the water. I'm quite aware that the main point of a bong is to cool a hit, but the water does also filter out some of the nasty tar in the smoke.
  12. I never heard of using salt water and probably won't try it for a while. But I had added lemon juice like a previous comment stated in the water before and...
    1. It does stay cleaner for longer
    2. It does affect the taste of the smoke
    3. It smells like shit after a couple of hits, reeks if left overnight.

    Not very worth it since it smells bad faster just water looks clean longer. The taste is mildly modified and not in a bad way; I can see myself adding it once in a while.

    I do use salt when I wash my bong sometimes though. Usually after cleaning they don't smell at all.
  13. Would a salt+hot water or lemon juice+hot water solution be an effective washing method for a bubbler or bong? 
  14. Not as well as rubbing alcohol
  15. Salt water is the best bong water. You can use NaCl, baking soda, sea salt, or salt substitute, or in a pinch, gatorade. About a tablespoon per cup of water. More is OK but you may not like the salty taste.

    1) THC (good stuff) is hydrophobic and would prefer to dissolve in plain water rather than salty water. You'll get more THC into you with salt water in your bong.
    2) Many combustion products (bad stuff) are charged molecules and will prefer to dissolve in salty water rather than plain water. You'll get fewer of those into you.
    3) Salt water is in your veins, brother. Listen to your nature (bwaaaaahhhhnnnnggg).

    Inhaling a little salt mist is fine. Surfers do it all dizzay.
    Don't use metal pieces - glass is best of course. Metal will corrode v. quickly - not dangerous, but messy.

    Don't use oil, alcohol (isopropyl, ethy), or basically anything that's very slippery or flammable in your bong. These will have the opposite effect and is bloody dangerous.

    BS, Biochemistry
    Lab rat for 14 years
  16. .

    Unless those dissolved solids are ionic (like salt) have the ability to bind with and thus hold more crap depending on what kinda crap you're trying to dissolve. Also water doesn't "absorb" dissolves it into an aqueous solution

    It might be a negligible in the grand scheme of all things salty bong water, but salt certainly does not degrade H2O's ability to dissolve things into solution. Ask anyone who's worked around the ocean what it does to a number of metals and a whole host of composite materials.

    I guess not everyone can make it down to their community college for basic science class anymore....Sad.
  17. Bro... Stop telling everyone they "don't get taught basic science in school" and "can't make it down to their community college for basic science class." It doesn't make you look like the science-master-prodigy you want to be, or think you are, but rather makes you look like a major asshole.
  18. I'm perfectly fine with being a major asshole to someone else who was a major asshole first I assure you. And I'm pretty sure I can correct someone's arrogant BS with demonstrable facts pretty much with total impunity. I might be mistaken but I've not heard anything from admin otherwise. It's not like I called the guy a bunch of obscenities or made any threats, the worst I did was dish the exact same snark he was tossing.

    So chill.....

    Besides he's a big boy, if he can dish it out he can take it.
  19. Interesting that you assume the "water" has reached its maximum saturation with "salt".... not to mention that a lot of odor causing bacteria typically occurring in bong water are highly susceptible to "salt" water... guess they didnt teach "science" in your day either
  20. Might have to wait another 5 yrs for a reply on this one

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