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Salt Stuck In My Bowl :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DiamondSupply, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Long story short,bowl needed a huge clean. 
    I used rock salt to start,then I went full retard and took table salt(no hate.)
    How do i take it off? I'm thinking to let it soak in hot water all night...?
    I need help from the Stoner Army :$$
    *Edit: its not in the hole kinda,its IN the bowl,like you have the hole where weed goes,well,in the interior of that. ITs in the glass kinda,the glass isn't full,its empy kinda hard to explain


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  2. boil in hot water it will melt
  3. bad move.
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    keep shaking it with 91%+ iso
    Or let it soak if your patient.
  5. please enlighten me
  6. I've heard very bad stories about people boiling their bowl and it almost instantly breaks even with the slightest pressure. Seen it once myself actually, so I'll never do it.
  7. i feel it blood, you just gotta boil it then let it sit out without a quick tempurature change from hot to cold, that's what makes glass shatter. but since dude just has salt stuck up in it he can throw that shit in some hot fosset water yamean?
    No there is no good reason to boil a pipe ever. Iso and salt works so many million times better it just makes no sense to use a method that is widely known to be hazardous to glass. Just prolonged heat exposure is bad for the glass too man; the shock of hot to cold isn't the only reason boiling pipes breaks pipes
  9. If your going to boil it put forks at the bottom so your bowl does sit directly on the heat. Less likely to break..

    Boilings a bad idea overall anyways. Ruins pots and makes your house smell awful
  10. Well when i boiled my metal pipe,it was always in a spoon with holes in the bottom,so it would stay in contact with water without touching the bottom. For reading all your comments, I don't have 91% alchool,nor alchool(not talking about vodka and shit,I have that lol) and it soaked all day+night and the salt is still fucking there. 
    So i'm going for the boiling shit but with hot water from the sink,i'll try that first then boil it(not directly)
  11. warm water boom

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