SALT Inspired SS Slide

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  1. Here is my SALT inspired Super Sculpey on a stock 18.8 slide.... slide.
    One of my new favorite things to do after a fat bowl is sculpt, this is my 3rd one before it was smoothed and baked, and painted.


    I can do em if anyones interested!!!!!
  2. Cool shit brah but for reals lets see a milk of that bong!
  3. i have to admit, thats bad-ass
  4. hahah thanks guys, ya dude i know, i slack hardcore on pictures but i brought my camera home from work.

    Heres some older ones of the rein. 7-13

  5. Is this how sculpted bowls are actually made? Like do people like salt actually use this to make those sick ass pieces their known for?

  6. hahah noooo, i WISH it were that easy.
    They do all of that sculpting with pure glass, which i cant begin to imagine how difficult that would be as you cant even put your actual hands on it.

    Im sure they may use clay to get some ideas going but they def. do it all with glass.
  7. Holyyyy fuck that Toro is gorgeous
  8. thats crazy...
  9. its super sick!

    but can you smoke out of it fine?
  10. verry cool bro, looks good, i like the fact you can hook your fingers in the slide.
  11. Its really hard. the guy that did a lesson for me made it look sooo easy, then whenever I tried to do the same thing mine would look like a retarded monkey did it lol.
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    Totally, i intentionally made my base clay wrap sit nicely under the rim of the slide so there isnt much chance of any flame or even heat getting to it. Plus, the whole thing could be glazed for added protection.

    Thanks man, pretty sure SALT is doing that on his 2010 stuff.

    Thanks man! I appreciate it

    Shes my baby, hits even better than she looks if you can imagine that.

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