Salt build up in coco

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  1. im about to put seedling in some coco and I am looking for advice on growing in it for my first time. I have done dwc and got good results but wanted to try something new.
  2. To avoid salt build up in coco you must feed to run off every time and never use plain water.
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  3. Thanks and I know this is off subject but I'm trying to keep heat down so how do you feel about leds I never used them
  4. Good led's can be expensive. My led cost about $1200 and I love it. You can buy the blurple cheapos off Amazon but they are only good for one plant.
  5. Dang that's to much for my pocket the most I can spend right now is 200$ tips for two plants
  6. I wasn't suggesting you spend that much on a light, it was just for information. If you have two plants and you have a budget, then get 2 of those Mars 300w led's - one for each plant. The yield I get off of one plant paid for the light twice.
  7. Ok and I see some led sets have a veg and flower/bloom switch and some don't. Are both types good for full cycle? And by full spectrum does that mean it has all lights to get you through veg and flower? Sorry for newby q's.
  8. I told you to quit being salty all the time. And I agree with getting two mars hydro 300's as a pair off of eBay from mars hydros store.

    I'm growing some decent sized plants with the mars hydro 300's [​IMG]

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  10. ☝️ Thanks
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  11. Say once I transplant from solo cup to pot, I mix cal mag in coco before I put my plant in do I still add the cal mag to my nutes when watering
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  12. Hi Fupaslayer,
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, The mars 300 is full spectrum, you can grow your plants from growth to bloom, but this light don't have bloom and growth switches.
  13. Thanks Im getting some in a couple days
  14. So I transplanted last night into some new coco coir and I think I'm already getting a problem. Is coco as hard as some others make it seem because I've used dwc , fox farm , mg once and all of em came out successful. I think I'm about to have my first fail
  15. I would recommend getting two Viparspectra 300w Reflector series in place of anything Mars LED.

    You can get two for under $200 or the PAR-series lights they have.

    Here is an example of results with 300w (nothing great, but gives you an idea) -



    Good luck.


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    You can get two mars hydros for 129.99

    Grown under a mars hydro 300

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  17. Your plant looks good. I prefer Bridgelix/Epiled LED's (used on Viparspectra units).
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  18. Ummmmm my guy epiled is epistar led lol o_O not hating just curious how many bridgelix LED's does it have versus how many epistar LED's it has out of the 60. It doesn't state that in the discription.

    And what benefits are there to bridgelex compared to epistar?

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  19. That's auto-correct with my voice-to-text, my bad. Let's find out the answer to your questions - I sent an email to Viparspectra to find out and will post their reply here.

    In the meantime, perhaps you can find out what Mars LED uses?

    That way, everyone will have a reference point.

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