Salt And Pepper Pipes

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  1. Alright, so I was up north with family this weekend and I found 2 salt/pepper shakers that are roosters on sale, the pair for 2 bucks. I said wow, I can turn them into pipes, one will be my practice one just to work with and see what works, and the other will hopefully just work as a back up. I provided pictures of how it will work, all I need to do is drill 1-3 small holes on the mouth of the rooster(which i checked-its hollow like the body/chamber) and it u see on the picture, the tail of the rooster has the 3 holes(the other rooster i got came with two, but i can just use a drill to make it better for increased draw). I will use my hot glue gun to attach a drill bit to the tail as to act as a bowl. The bottom has a decent sized hole for the salt/pepper to be put in, but in this application it will work as a freakin sweet carb. Any comments/suggestions/concerns? All I need 2 do is drill the holes, pick up some new screens because im out, then attatch the bowl and walla, a rooster pipe.

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    I like it
    Nice Idea
    Just make one big whole in the beak so you can pull Not little ones
  3. Alright cool thanks dude, Ill do my best to make it kick serious ass.
  4. [quote name='guitrkill3r'] I will use my hot glue gun to attach a drill bit to the tail as to act as a bowl. quote]

    And I also believe you mean a socket with the screen Lol
  5. fucking huge salt shakers man! What are you seasoning? A bably elephant?!

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