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  1. just picked up this salvia divinorum its spost to be 2 grams. what i want to know is does it look good? and what should i expect from it and how much should i do my first time. i read there are like six stages of it or something and i want to get to like the 4th or 5 th stage. any info would be helpful thanks.

    peace, love and weed 4ever

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  2. put it in a bong, light it, take loooooong hits. 2 are what everyone says, but keep hitting till you cant remember you were smoking it. you'll know how much is enough because once you get enough in you, you wont know what you were just doing.
  3. earlier today me and my friends had a little bit of 20X. I only had enough for one hit, but it was fucking huge. I sat back and didn't even quite feel it immidiatly after. Then I was looking at the road, and started laughing like crazy. But for some reason i still thought i felt sober. I was so high i couldnt talk straight or quit laughing. Then, this is crazyy..

    alright so it felt like i was in a movie, i dont know this might sound crazy.. but have you ever seen the movie "Twister", where the tornado burns through the town and hits this drivethru movie. Alright so it shows the screen slowly get blown away with the wind.. well we were on the interstate.. and that happened to MY VISION. Like it was like my life was a movie, and the streen was being pulled behind by our speeed

    fuckin crazy man!

    only lasted a few minutes though
  4. sounds fucking tite man.
  5. may i ask where u acquired your salvia?
  6. yea i bought it off a friend of mine. i think he ordered off the internet i believe it was but idk for sure
  7. oh ok, i was just gonna see if u went to one of the head shops in our area.
  8. ok, one thing you should remember, you will most likely feel an intense sensation as if you are being PULLED, RIPPED, PEELED apart. I had an experience where I totally blasted off. I heard a voice say LETS GO and then shit started happening, quite frieghtening actually, I was really not ready for it and I was in a bad location. My jaw felt as if it had been ripped off my skull and I was only living as from the upper teeth UPWARDS. I had nothing below my top jaw as I flew through darkness I became a part of a canoe paddle while I paddled along. Everyone i knew was a part of this paddle, it was quite fucked up. The canoe reached a door where everyone had been allowed through except for myself. I believe this is because I was really not ready for what salvia does to you. If you do it right, you will no longer be on earth. I felt as if i had been plucked from the earth as if the human race was being extinct. I had reached the center of the universe... existance really. Good luck with your journey my friend. Remember, be careful, be comfrontable, and have someone trustworthy who is SOBER watching over you.
  9. ^^Damn .. Im growing it and ive been thinking about doing it. Anyone else have stories about thier experiences?
  10. by the way, that experience was from 1 hit of 10x through a small handheld bubbler using a torch lighter.
  11. I dont know about growing it Bagz. We found a bunch in a neighbors yard and i confirmed it with a biology major at my work. we dehydrated it and everything.
    it didnt do shit.
    i would go with the extract man.
  12. sounds cool. i heard of that pulling/ripping thing before it sounds kinda scary but i think i will be fine. how long does the real intense part of the trip last? i've got a good friend of mine sitting for me. wat we are going to do is he is going to sit for me and then when i'm finished tripping and clearheaded imma let him do some and imma sit for him. i guess that will work since i've heard that it doesn't last that long
  13. even more salvia questions which have to be answered over and over. wish an admin would have just stickied that thread... really gets tiresome repeating the same things over and over... but i'll answer that last question I guess... it will only be about 5-10 minutes, but it might "feel" like much longer to you.
  14. .1 gram hits, hit it as big as you can, with the lighter held on it the entire time, hold in for as long as you can, if your not tripping take another one.
  15. none of you even asked him if those were regular leaves or an extract or what strength extract...
  16. Salvia can be amusing.. for people watching you take it.

    My buddy took a hit of some 20x shit and starting drooling on himself, seemed as if he was out of it, needless to say we were all crackin up at him. didn't last very long though, maybe 5-10 mins.
  17. aite thanks for all the replies. sry for postin a question thats been asked ovr and ovr man but shit happens ya know any thanks for da help.

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