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Salivating into the bong during a huge hit.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bajhshot, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Topic. I have done it a couple of times in my personal bong because its a monster and no one uses it but me anyway, but to avoid doing it to other's peoples I never really rip on theirs(to be sure). I dont typically do it, but it still makes me feel weird when it happens every now and again. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Also, when I say big hit I mean a darn tootin'(from tn) one. Doesnt have to be a dragons' breath hit,.....but you know what I mean.

    I had to be high to get the courage to ask if anyone else has done so, but then again I have seen some very weird questions posted on these forums before :cool: Ridicule away gents.
  2. I've had it happen a few times. I usually get the saliva to fall out my mouth a bit right when I take the bong off my mouth. Hold it in as much as possible. :p
  3. Yeah it happens. I don't necessarily drool when I take a huge hit, but more so when I pack the bowl a little tight and the air flow is restricted. A lot of people think it's nasty, but I'm honestly not so disgusted by drooling in the bong. It's not like you're going to be drinking the drool filled bong water afterwards... unless you like that sort of thing. That and I clean my tube really regularly.
  4. That has never happened to me. Mainly because I move my mouth and swallow all of my saliva because I get excited and anticipate the huge rip.

    And after a while my mouth gets dry.

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