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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Billys lad, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. So where I live in Australia there is random roadside drug testing. They use the typical saliva swab test and if anything is found you lose your license and face a fine or even worse.

    Just to clarify I don't drive while stoned, the earliest I'd consider driving after smoking is probably 4-5 hours after my last cone. The next day however, or later, when I'm obviously completely sober, I'm very hesitant to drive as I'm worried about these tests. Keep in mind I have never been pulled over or even seen a roadside drug testing operation taking place (only had a license for a year or so) but am still nervous as fuck about driving the morning after having a sesh.

    I have a couple of questions for those who have experience with this type of thing and might be able to offer some advice. I'm 6 foot and weigh 240 pounds, and am a daily smoker, I have been for the last 7 months and I have a reasonable tolerance. I've heard everything from 8 to 24 hours, but how long do you think THC is detectable in saliva, especially a daily smoker of my size? Is there anything one can do to reduce the likelihood of failing the saliva test? If not, I don't know how to overcome this situation because if it truly does last upward of 24 hours there generally won't be any time where I'm not at risk of losing my license!

    This law is bullshit and I appreciate any responses or people who can shed light on this issue.
  2. Weed can stay in your system for a very long time compared to most drugs. Usually 24hrs-30days. In saliva I would probably say less than an hour or 2 max... You could just drink/eat something though and then you would probably show up clean.
  3. I would not go as far to say the roadside drug testing is bullshit.
    The police are not targeting people who smoke weed their targeting every drug user eg.. coke..heroin ect... and if they did it in england i would welcome it especially as it would make the streets safer and thus safer for my children to walk down them.
  4. So if I'm not intoxicated I can still be fucked by the long dick of the law for doing nothing dangerous?
  5. That's a fucked up law, I can't believe they can do that. That seems like such a strange law.
  6. THC metabolites can express themselves in saliva, effectively for a test, for 24-48 hours (some people have reported failing them in a longer time frame, but everyone is unique so)

    Im currently on swabs for probation, and they are GCMS swabs, not just a "put this in your mouth and it will tell me if you have been smoking"

    I have yet to fail one, ive also never smoked with 24 hours of one... but i have definitely smoked within 48 hours of one...

    the thing with saliva is unlike urine its coming directly from a gland in which the THC metabolites are being pulled out of the blood, while you will have thc in the blood for a good long time, its not in amounts large enough to be detected through secretions from glands for very long....

    If i was you i would buy myself some home test strips... and do some experimenting to see how your body personally reacts... you never know, you could fail one 2 days after your last hit... that would suck
  7. Yeah that bit is a bit sucky for you i agree but they are trying to target people who are being wreckless and driving while under the influence of drugs.

    I totally agree with that law and would welcome it in england.

    My children are very precious to me also my wife and my family and in fact i would not want to see anyone injured or even dead being being an innocent bystander in a car accident that was a direct result from a drug user being high while driving.
  8. You can fail when you are sober though.... that's the issue
  9. So you'd still be cool with a law like this if say you drink one night dont drive and just go to sleep, the next mourning you take your family to the store and just so happen to get pulled over and tested. Since you could still test for positive for alcohol then you go to jail and get charged with endangering your kids and DUI. Yeah that law works great.
  10. I dont drink anymore.
    Plus when I did drink the night before I never drove in the morning because you can still be intoxicated without even knowing therefore endangering yourself and others, so yeah i still agree with the law on drugs tests for drivers. I used to either get my wife to drive or just dont drive at all, or dont drink the night before its simple.

    As i sed it sucks for weed smokers, because the thc stays in your fat for quite a while ( i think thats right ) so you can still get a positive result but if it stops people that are genuinely high and potentially dangerously driving at the same time I agree with it.

    I cant see the problem with protecting the public.
  11. It won't stop any one.... driving drunk has been illegal for a long time.... it still happens regularly
  12. Its messed up when protecting the public also gets people into trouble for doing nothing. Since cars cause so many deaths might as well get rid of them just think of all the people it'll save.
  13. The world is dangerous. There is no way around this.
  14. but people when caught do get arrested and lose their license its a system that works

    Remarkable fall in drink drive fatalities

    This proves the system does work and that drink drivers are in decline.
    Besides this isnt about drink its about drugs which is just as dangerous when driving.
  15. I agree from now on we must all travel in tubes!!!! lol ( get the scientists working on the tube technology immediatly)
  16. Thanks for the response dude, gunna definitely conduct some "expensive" tests haha.
  17. Fuck Australian laws.

  18. That's ffff'd up man.
  19. Lol you think that's bad? Some US states are working on adopting laws where they can blood test you

    You can fail a blood for up to 60 days after smoking
  20. Yeh these tests are really uncommon, but still a bit of a worry always having this shit on your mind.

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