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Saliva test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by curlzzznee, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Hi there! I saw your post on here and feel compelled to ask you what do you think of my situation?

    I was told I had a drug screening, ok fine I get my friends pee and was going to substitute it until I walk in and it’s a damn saliva test !!!! I had smoked the previous night (1030pm) bc I felt slightly okay with getting my friends piss and I assumed it would be a urine test. Obviously at this point my heart sank. I was told to swab around my mouth and cheeks. I tried to get as little saliva up there as possible and stayed away from my tongue (hoping for it to come back inconclusive and I need to do it again). I mean my mouth was desert dry bc I was thinking damn I’m fucked! So yeah, I smoked 2 hits of the bowl the night before at 1030pm and the test was administered at 11:20 am the next day. In the morning I just did a normal routine for brushing bc I was unaware it would be a saliva test, I certainly would have did WAY MORE if I were aware and I was so nervous I didn’t eat anything but I did drink water. Basically I guess, what are the odds of me passing/failing? And if it is positive can I blame it on my boyfriend being a smoker and we swapped spit (kissing) that morning? Anything will help!!! You can tell I’m freaking out. And how long til I get the results? They sent it off to a lab. I’m just hoping there wasn’t enough saliva to test it. Looking for answers and personal experiences with situations similar to this with having a super small window and it was unexpected to be a saliva test. Thank you in advance!
  2. Just bring a cup of saliva in and pretend its a sonic slushy or something. When time comes just be all let me get a quick drink. Then spit that in there. You could also stock the bathroom stall in the place before hand with a cup o spit if you will then tell them to let you do that shit in the bathroom cause its fucking gross and boom. These not doin it for ya? I can come up with more I'm sure.

    Unless your boyfriend has a bunch of activated concentrate in his mouth and you both swapped it around for 15 minutes straight, you dont really have a case there. Either way they still see it as being in your system. Your system, your responsibility. You can give them any excuse you want and they would give a shit less.
  3. I appreciate your fast response but i already took the test this morning which was unexpected bc I assumed it was a urine test. I didn’t know what to do and obviously my mouth was hella dry. I did have water before the test but no xtra mouthwash, gum, or any of that, which is why I tried to get as little saliva on the stick as possible. Just trying to gauge if I’m going to fail or not smh.
  4. And I guess see if it comes back inconclusive bc if I do it again I’ll be sure to get it right !! And obviously not smoke.

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