Saliva test after shotgun

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  1. I just had a drug test in my federally issued court course. I was at a pool party and a girl grabbed my face and shotgunned me for a breif second. I held it for a few seconds and let it out. It has been around 48 hours since it happened and i just got tested tonight. Whats the chance that the test will come back positive?
  2. Pretty good.
  3. im reading that anything passed 24 hours is good. So at 48 hours I'm sure you're in the safe zone. The power in that type of testing is that the results are immediate and do justice can be dealt in swift fashion. That and you can bust that shit out at random to strait fuck someone's day up. You most likely dodged a bullet...
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    i thought it was 4 days for a pee test if no build up in the system. Longer if there is.

    Not something i have to worry about job wise.

    EDIT: Saliva test..ignore me....I thought it was a piss test.

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