Salesmans Tale

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  1. Salesmans Tale

    One day the traveling dildo salesman visited a new town and
    went about plying his wares to all the wives who were home.

    He went to the first house and showed the first wife all of
    his wares. She thought for a little bit, trying to decide
    between the medium-sized pink one, and the large black one.
    Eventually, she bought the large black one.

    He went to the second house, and showed his dildos to the
    second wife. She too, bought the large black dildo.

    He went to the third and fourth houses, and all happened as

    He went to the fifth house, and showed all of his wares to
    the fifth wife. She didn't think a moment before saying,
    "I'll take the huge silver one." The salesman looked
    slightly confused for a second, but went ahead and charged
    her double what he normally charged for the large black one.

    When he got home that evening his wife asked him how his day
    had gone. He replied it had gone well. "How many dildos did
    you sell?" she asked.

    "Well," he said, "I sold four of the large black ones.....
    .......and my thermos..."

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