Sales Of 1984 Spike Over 6,000 Percent After Nsa Debacle

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  1. Shit I need to get my copy yet..
    Never read it?
  3. Read it for the first time a few months ago. Terrifying book and, sadly, seems to be unfolding before our eyes.
  4. Is there any data showing sales of this book at this time each year? It's a popular book for schools, and summer is upon us, meaning summer assignments. 
  5. Just good to know more people are reading this book.  It can open your eyes to the horrid possibilities we are facing as a nation
  6. They had me read it in high school. I'm very glad they did because I probably would have never read it otherwise.
  7. Nope lol, I know the gist of what it's about though.
  8. I did my senior research paper on 1984, it was a great book to analyze. But it is really scary to read at a time like this because of the truth that lurks behind all of it.
  9. Very true, I went to the bookstore a couple weeks ago and 1984 was on a "Summer reading" shelf
    Good question. The article did cite a spike in sales of Atlas Shrugged in 2008, though.
  11. I bought that book in either 2008 or 2009, cant remember for sure
    I wrote an awesome poem about it for my English class.
  13. Still have it?  Itd be cool to see :smoke:
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    I actually posted it on gc before. Here it is:
    A message to the people.

    Spying eyes rest on the walls in every single room,
    Spying on every soul, every bride and every groom,
    Every morning, every evening and every afternoon,
    From every bright day to every cloudy monsoon.
    From every black night to every shining full moon,

    They are what God once was.
    They are what Evil once caused.
    Feared by 'sinners', afraid of the cross.
    They'll make the warmest of hearts frost,
    They'll make what was gained into what was lost.
    Democracy, social values, privacy and trust.

    They serve the abusers of power, afraid to lose it.
    A society at the hands of cowards, afraid to move it
    into any direction but away from right,
    because what is left must not be left behind.

    Morals born from purpose, and sold as ethics,
    intended to kill whatever may have revolutionary effects.

    But to those with an individual mind,
    keep your mind yours and your body in their line.
    Make them suspect no such thing as thought crime,
    as you keep your own morals but keep them confined.

    And do not allow fear of the risks that be.
    For freedom outweighs them easily.
    For a life with thoughts that are not all that free,
    ranks no higher in description than measly.

    And to those who choose to protect the human being,
    keep your actions planned and your heart beating.
    For you are a rare breed that needs more breeding.
    For most of the population has been prevented from seeing.
    But remember that if necessary, the cause is worth bleeding.

    And to the masses mindlessly being controlled,
    hope you don't start to doubt the instructions told.
    For unobliging thoughts will lead to death in twofold,
    For your body will be killed after your peace is sold,
    to the 'greater good' at a price nowhere near its value in gold.

    Although freedom is no longer documented,
    its concept will never be changed or ended.
    Although it may not exist physically,
    and its absence is nothing short of misery,
    its absence proves its existence.
    As something which is missing,
    must have once been here
    and still is worth going the distance.

    Remember that, for what it's worth,
    you hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
    Remember that the worst is hardly worse,
    than the pain and oppression of you and yours.
    Remember that freedom is worth fighting for,
    and is no less worth dying for.
    Remember that freedom was never free,
    and the lives of the courageous is the fee.
    Remember that your life is a small price to pay,
    as we all must die one day.
    If you want to comment on it please do so here because I don't really want that old thread to be revived.
    Remember I wrote this when I was like 17. I think some parts of it are pretty lame now but I still like it generally.
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    The US government must be buying it up in bulk for use as an instruction manual.
  16. This is great news to hear.
    Hopefully more sheeple will wake up after reading it.
    It is single handedly the most profound book I have ever read in my life.
  17. Also, I am quite surprised the government hasn't burned all the copies of this book yet. Maybe soon.
    Once a government starts burning literature, you know the end is near.
  18. A Brave New World is also a great book for anyone who likes 1984. 
    Good thing people are reading these books though, it opens peoples minds to the possibility of a dictatorial government. Our government is not nearly as bad as described in the 1984 but it may well be on the slippery slope toward that situation if things continue the way they are. 
    Everyone should read that book.

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