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  1. I'm on the net this morning trying to find a sake wine glass set. I bought a bottle of sake last night and had to run it through the coffee maker to warm it up and now I want a real sake serving set to keep it in.

    Sake, why the hell would I want to drink sake at the house you ask?

    Because my wife told me yesterday before I bought it that skae makes her vagina hurt. Meaning that evrytime we drink sake we wind up on the flurry blanket in front of the fireplace naked till the wee hours of the night.
  2. Right on Big Poppa! My GF took me to my first sushi bar, and she order sake. I asked what it tasted like. She said "warm and sweet and tastes like cum". I had a Coke with my meal instead!! HA HA!
  3. hong kong has a lot of great spices like that over there and i couldnt try them all i ran out of ladys at 3 in morning,lol
  4. Sake is the best! I love it, but don't drink it often because it makes me weak in the knees too, and kinda drunk too!

    Go on ebay, and do a search for sake set. Funny, I was just looking at them yesterday afternoon!! They have some neat ones, you kind of have to mill through them.

    Hope you find a neat set :)
  5. Sake, to me, tastes like warm, watered-down vodka. I've always been a grain alcohol enthusiast...

    Three cheers for sake.


  6. Now I know why I like sake so much. It reminds me of getting a taste of fresh moonshine straight out of the still before it gets bottled up. All warm and hot and the tatse is kinda the same.

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