Saints Row 4

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Homelander, May 27, 2013.

  1. worth a way I would buy it upon release
    played some of 3, it was fun but not a keeper imo
  2. I hear ya, I had fun playin' it but I wish I didn't buy it when it first came out, hopefully number 4 is gonna be way better
  3. i'll probably get it after a year or so like i did with 3.
    right now im too hyped for GTA V and Watch Dogs to really care about Saints Row
  4. I'm just glad Saints Row 4 is comin' out before both of them, hopefully GTA V won't get pushed back again
  5. Best part about Saints Row to me is how insane they went with character customization. I would almost buy the game just for that. Unfortunately I didn't really like Saints Row 2 and didn't play 3.
  6. 3 was straight, I just didn't think it was that great, hope they improve on tha new 1
  7. looks fun as, gonna get it for sure
  8. WTF? These games just keep getting weirder and more unrealistic. Looks like fun though.
  9. saints row 3 was hilarious and really fun to play. once you beat the main story though, there isnt much to do.
    best buy had a sale on it a couple weeks after it came out for $40 so i picked it up. i beat it, traded it in and got 20 something bucks for it.  a year later and the game is $40 msrp.
    hopefully this one is longer and they keep the crazy side characters.
  10. I wanna be a superhero :devious:

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