said No Stoner Ever

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  1. "I can't wait until we get drug tested at work", said no stoner ever.
    "I think i need to start saving money for other hobbies", said stoner ever.
    Can anyone make up any funny ones? Im in the mood to laugh  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:

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    I can't wait to get pulled over.
    i wish i had no weed.

    I wish weed was more like crack.

    maybe not the last one hehe
  3. Let's stop smoking.
  4. "I'm so glad we smoked that quarter oz blunt last night." Said no stoner ever.

    "Lets take up brick masonry"said very few stoners ever....
  5. "ill pass on tacobell"
  6. LMAO so true man. Taco Bell is great. Doritos taco, damn...
  7. Have some of my food
  8. Of course I don't mind you taking more than two hits, hold on to the blunt for as long as you need!
  9. People who chief up on hits need to go to sleep. Respect the puff puff pass
  10. " oh, you like my bong? keep it!" said no stoner ever.
  11. "Weed isnt even expensive if you buy it illegally" said no stoner ever
  12. "I hate hotboxing because i cant see anything" said no stoner ever
  13. "Ah fuck I forgot to stop at taco bell!" Said no stoner ever.
  14. "Im too tired to smoke" said no stoner ever. (If this is you, WAKE THE FUCK UP AND TOKE)
  15. "Ok, I'll have just one bite"
  16. "I have way too many lighters" said no stoner ever
  17. "Seeds and stems are the best!"
  18. "my cock is so fucking hard i wish i could fuck a monkey's ass"
  19. ^I have to disagree, lmao jp
  20. Mids are way better than heads said no stoner ever

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