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Saginaw Sativa? Does it exist??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BigT25, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey GC! Long time now that I haven't posted. So after a little over two years in the Caribbean, I have relocated to the big town of Saginaw Mi. Didn't take long to look around and find a guy, but being white and living west of the river made it a little harder. Like usual when you find the first guy, he isn't great. So far I got a quarter, and an eighth from this guy and it was decent. The quarter was some pretty dank buds, and the eigth was some shaky mids. According to this guy and the guy who introduced him to me, sativa is super hard to get in Saginaw???
    I have been smoking island grown herbs for the last two years so this indica just isn't what i crave. It makes me too tired and just doesn't have the functionability of sativa. Even a sativa dominant mix would be nice.If I were gonna be here longer I would just get a Medical card.
    So does Sativa exist? Are there local growers growing good herbs for people who need medication? I'm just trying to get my medication, and my meditation. I am not asking for hookups, or asking where to buy. I just simply want to know if it exists in this pretty good size town. If it does I will definitely go looking in more detail. Haha! Help me out GC! :smoke:

  2. it does exist my friend. saginaw is the first place i ever got a sativa from actually. a friend knew a grower there who hooked us up. its been a while since then, but we used to be able to get all sorts of hazes there.
  3. good luck haha
    i live in michigan also, and i have come across sativa like 2 times
  4. im no expert on the subject but i would imagine that due to the legality of medical bud in michigan it would cause a lot more indica to be around to sativa. not saying that sativa has no medical benefit because we all know that it does, it just seems like indica is much more popular in medical states because of its narcotic effects. im sure the sativas exist. they are just much harder to come by.
  5. Yeah I bet it has a lot to do with the legality of marijuana in MI. In colorado the street business has been completley destroyed by the canabis dispenseries. I am all for this, and would actually qualify for it in MI. I am only gonna be here for a few months and then probably gonna be in Illinois. It is almost passed there so I will wait to get a card in my home state. I just don't have the time to get a card here. As for the Sativa, it is around just hard to come by I guess. I just hope I can find something good for the first time in I can't tell you how long.
  6. So, I got a little under a half ounce of some new shit. It was all the guy had left of his personal smoke. There was a guy coming with a fresh OZ that he wanted me to half with him, but I didn't have the cash or time to wait. The bag of his left overs had some popcorn buds, and all of the shake and crystals that fell off of the original bag. It's pretty strong shit. Things are looking brighter! Big nugs here I come!:smoking:
  7. go look for some BC bud. Since your in Michigan i bet you could find someone who regularly gets it. It's the shit! good luck though and tell us what you find. :smoking:
  8. BC Bud, humm, I never thought of that. I wouldn't know where to start? Probably start looking for some old hippies. You know, gus who look like they always have dan, and might be growing. It will all work out. I just smoked half a small blunt. It was a mix of all three herbs I have gotten in Michigan plus some american spirit organic cigarette. I am higher right now than I have been in I can't tell ou how long. I mean scary high!!:smoking::smoking::D
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    Old hippies would not direct you to BC bud, trust me.

    But if you cant find Sativa i guess thats what you should go for...

    Or grow it yourself.
  10. Well I guess there are a couple colleges around here. I'm only 26 so I guess I could scope those places out. Look around for guys who look like they smoke. I am getting use to this indica shit, but would still like some sativa. I'm only here for 3 months so growing isn't an option :(
  11. yea man, i don't usually post, but i feel the need to do so as i live in the city about 5 min away from saginaw (bay city), and do go to one of those colleges. Your not gonna find stuff like that around here bud, but you can def find some good home grown if you know the right people. There was also a giant bust here a while ago, so all we had for a while was some dirty stuff. good luck
  12. Nice info. Thanks man.

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