Sagging leaves, garden of ease hydro - overwatered?? Help!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lazytimberwolf, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. The stems are much stronger now, a bunch of new growth just exploded after I diluted the nute (changed from 1000ppm to down to 650ppm about 4 days ago). Was very excited, though I saved this grow..... Then yesterday the new growth started to sag pretty bad.



    These are in a garden of ease - should I turn the motor off? right now I have it feeding them 20/4, same cycle as the CFLs. Thought maybe they were overwatered.... in reaction to this sagging this morning I turned the motor off.... Any advice?

    Really want to save this grow, these babies have bunch of spots where even more new growth is coming out (on the newer growth!), not looking for a huge harvest just need something :(
  2. they certainly are better than when I saw them last,

    cut back on your watering and check your PH please
  3. Cut back the watering to 2 hours on 2 hours off; was using this chemical pH test that was showing approx 5.5 - 6.0. knowing that wasn't precise enough, I grabbed the Hanna pH Champ today and the appropriate 7.0 calibration solution.

    this measured the nute pH to be 6.8...

    it showed my tap water to be 8.9 - doesn't that sound a bit alkaline for tap water? makes me wonder if its off. I rechecked it with the 7.0 calibration solution, still showed 7.0...

    Anyway, added pH down and ran the motor for a bit to get it uniform; read 5.6.

    Assuming the champ isn't off, is 2 hours on 2 off too much for the way they look? they're getting bigger, the water level has definitely dropped a bit. ppm is at 675.
  4. I've turned the motor off for the time being, after looking at some pics, especially on, looked like the overwatered pics...

    ganjaguerrilla's advice has been a godsend on this grow, it'd def be dead by last week if it weren't for him.... I will post more current pictures later on today.

    Was goin crazy last night with the champ - tap water showing 8.9-9.0; got a Pur filter, the filtered water was showing 6.2... the calibration solution was still consistently showing 7.0 tho...

    The nute was also consistently showing 5.5-5.6...
  5. baby1


    they are starting to smell.... still on 20/4 light cycle. pH 5.6, ppm 677. havent pic'd baby3 cuz I'm going to take it out - just doesn't look healthy at all, not even close in growth compared to the other two. On both (more so on baby2) theres new growth seemingly at every place the leaves meet the stem (nodes?)
  6. you did a great job nursing them into better health, you may need to cut back more on the watering just watch for a few days

    did your PH meter not have 2 adjustments for calibrating? both high & low ends of the scale 4.0ph - 7.0ph?
    all the meters Ive owned you must calibrate both to 4&7

  7. this one apparently only needs the 7.0 calibration solution - would it be worth it to check out the 4.0 calibration solution? I really was going nuts with the meter last night, checkin my tap and filtered water and the nute, and though the readings were weird they were consistent...

    Will definitely cut the watering for the few days, they seemed to perk up a bit with just having the motor off since early this morning.

    should I try sexing them at this point or would I be getting ahead of myself.....
  8. I dont remember since we are on another thread how old are they now, they need to be 6-7 weeks, wait till they are healthier,

    I would definetly get a chemical PH kit from an aquarium shop as a backup tester
    anything that needs calibration cant be relied upon 100%
  9. Sounds good, will hold off for another few weeks on the sexing then - the seeds were put in the cubes four weeks ago today

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