sagging leaves and stems

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  1. hi, my set up includes a light about 1 foot from the plant and i have a fan going 24/7 shes flowering now started 2 days ago but the leaves went from very perky and high standing to very droopy. there still green and healthy looking but im not sure if this is a normal part of the plants life somone please explain and give a lil advice to save my plant :D tkx
  2. Chances are, if it's drooping like that it means it's been overwatered. Give it a little time to dry out and it should be fine.

  3. i just watered it now actually. it was very dry even down to 2 inches below soil did i mention its indica? ask for whatever info you will need to better answer my question :p i wont mind but atleast im sure its not overwatering what else could cause it?
  4. yes man give it some water regularly as some heat can come from the lights and mine done it twice but now ive just chopped 1 and its amazing stuff my third succesfull grow from reading on this forum just read a little now and then it certinly helped me
    using a 250w hps and grow room 3ft square and can fit 2-3 plants at 3-4 ft high get crop every 2/12 -3 months and at least 2 ounce off each plant

    peace man and happy waiting but as they say
    good things come to those who wait
    so just let it do its thing

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    07-11-2004 01:43 AM
  5. heres a pic of the third success its top buds are about 4 inches high and its white widow strains due to be chopped in three weeks

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  6. heres a closeup but cams no too good
    take note of the leaves a couple of times i didnt give her enough watering thats why the tips are brown but she came back to life no probs
    they are quite easy to grow once u get the first couple going and u know what ur doing its quite straitforward

    get the light on let it sunbathe a few hoursthen feed it mine at 12/12 now
    did 24/7 for 4 weeks then changed to 12/12 now in my4th week of 12/12 and maybe an hour b4 u put the light off give her a good drink i water mine from top of pot let the water /feed come flooding out the bottom of pot and she l have a good old drink for when she sleeps
    happy growing

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  7. forgot to say i also have 2 growing outside among some trees and other stuff one is a male i discovered in my crop so decided to experiment and hey they are growing well in this not so summer weather were getting over here in scotland

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