Sage Francis

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  1. He is an indie hip hopper :) I would have to say he is the best. I have been listening to so many different songs by him and I can say he is becoming one of my favorite artists and this is coming from a guy who hates 99% of that genre and surrounding genres. Here are some music videos from him.

    Sea Lion (Remix)

    Crackpipes (Shitty video, get the real song and it sounds so much better)

    Escape Artist

    Those are just a few of my favorites.

    I am not sure if he still does but he bootlegs his CDs and distributes them and draws thousands of people wherever he goes, without a major label. I read that from a website written about him. I highly suggest everyone give him a listen. Also try out Immortal Technique and Aesop Rock. :) Peace.
  2. sage francis is the man,did you ever hear his ryhme with apathy. where its like him then it switches off to apathy then its back to him.
  3. Yeah Sage is pretty sick, one of my favs.
  4. I think I did, is it on youtube?

    I can't get enough of his song "Sea Lion." It speaks to me man :)

    Does anyone know any other artists that are pretty similar to him? Thanks.
  5. i love sage. i get to see him on friday i'm so stoked
  6. Where are you going to see him at? Get his autograph man.... He is an amazing artist.
  7. Sage Francis is great. His lyrics are way more interesting then most rappers out there.
  8. If you like Sage Francis, you should check out the Non-Prophets if you haven't already. It is Sage Francis rappin to Joe Beats production. I think some of Sages best work is on that album.

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