Sagamartha Seeds is CRAP!

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  1. Recently i got my order from attiude for 5 fem cheese wreck seeds from sagamartha.out of those 5..4 sprouted and out of those 4 i had 3 males!Their putting regular seeds in their fem seed packs for sure.I know its the company bc i also ordered spoetnik 1 from paradise ont he same order from attitude and i got 5 females.

    I doubt its attitudes fault bc i got the orginal breeder packs.just spreading the word on this crappy seed company
  2. Sagamartha, i heard bad things about them already. I wanted to try their double diesel but damn, are u sure they are not hermies and not just males?
  3. damn...this is the worst thing that can happen to a company...lectures in was always said word-of-mouth marketing is THE most effective advertising method and sagawhatever just got the wrong end of the stick...:smoke:
  4. actually i was wrong in my post.i just looked more carefully at the lables on the pots and actually 5 of the cheese wrecks did grow out and out of those 5..3 were male and 2 were female,lol..still a scam def sure their not hermies.ive been around the block with growing for a while and theres def no female preflowers whatsoever.i can see the male preflowers forming on the 3.

    i also stand corrected on the spoetnick.out of the 5 i germed..4 grew out and all 4 are female :)

    im done with shopping around on seed only sticking the the reputable ones like paradise and dna genetics.
  5. Femmed seeds have a reputation of turning hermie and ruining your whole crop. Why play Russian Roulette with your hard work. Seed banks make a lot of $$$$ selling substandard genetics imo. I would never buy them again.
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    Sag sucks

    Only plants that ever hermi on me.... Strawberry Dlite Fem nothing but hermies for all that grow them... Around day 30 they start changing..

    Huge waste of money and time.

    I have grown out tons of Fem seeds and they are always great when done by a reputable breeder
    Don't believe the BS that Fem seeds are likely to hermi if they are made correctly.. More propaganda from those that have never tried.
  7. GC should have a sticky of a list of breeders to stay away for germ and stable reasons alone, so many breeders out there no reason not to!


  8. I 2nd that!!!

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