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  1. Good day,
    I'm new to the forum and just bought a vaporizer to ingest my marijuana.  I've been reading up on people getting collapsed lungs and the dangers of inhaling butane.  I've read that since vapor isn't as dense or thick as smoke, your lungs can take more, thus filling up your lungs to full capacity. Would this cause any internal respiratory issues?
    I have an Arizer V-Tower vape.  I believe that it heats up the thing-a-ma-jig below the glass cyclone bowl through electric power as opposed to butane.  Is this true?  Inhaling butane sounds like an awful idea.  Do we inhale a little butane everytime we spark bongs or bowls with Bic lighters?
    Also, is filling my lungs full of vapor okay for my lungs?  My lungs moderately hurt when I do this, but not anymore then when I take a huge bong rip.  I just want to be sure that vaporizing with a unit that does not use butane is safe..or safe enough really.  I definitely don't want a collapsed lung.
    Does anyone know of any portable vaporizers that don't use butane and are regarded as effective and safe as well?
    Your input is greatly appreciated,

  2. Okay I'll answer your questions in order
    1) Inhaling any foreign substance could cause respiratory issues. Vaporizers are considered to cause none or much less than smoking.
    2) Butane only burns cleanly when burnt hot like in a torch, so yeah, you probably inhale some butane along with the other substances from butane burning. That is one of the reasons why you shouldn't hold a lighter for too long. As for your vaporizer, do you plug it in or fill it with butane? You plug it in. Therefore you don't inhale butane.
    3) I would recommend that you do not inhale vapor TOO deeply. Keep yourself comfortable. Two hits are better than one with vapes. Oh, and you should be holding your hits for 5-10 seconds so that you see little to no vapor when exhaling. 
    4) Your only dangers with a portable vaporizer is oils left from manufacturing, hot vapor passing through plastic inside the vape (not like a whip), or really the weed itself. Maybe you have shitty weed with chemicals all over it. As for portable vapes, the MFLB is a great, cheap vape recommended for vaping beginners, as a backup, and on the go.
    hope this helps
  3. Good question(s) and answers indeed! May I add some of my opinion also, that foreign substances are a subject of consideration, as for example water steam, or cold water vapor - as a naturally occuring ingredient of air - are just as "respiratory compatible" as vapor (gaseous state of original matter) condensing back to resin, oil, or solid particles (soluable) in the lungs. Hence their temperature at entry is very high compared to normal, they can cause irritation typically in upper respiratory (throat, nasal cavities) and condensation during temperature drop is also an unusually rapid reaction taking place in the lungs - can be triggering the cleaning reflex (cough), but being a "foreign" substance to lungs I would consider compounds created during  destructive distillationthermolysis and pyrolysisThese are far too dense and toxic irritants to be accepted and succesfully processed through capillary actions.
    Dangers of vaporizer devices are exactly the subject of my current experiments, which I am willing to document on my YT channel, have a look later, if interested. What I do before buying any of it, is communication with the manufacturer in advance, and asking for an intelligent explanation of the path of air to be heated and inhaled, particularly interested in materials which may contaminate, such as plastics with low melting point with a potential of outgassing, exposed metallic surfaces subject of oxidation and dusting, solder lead or other heavy elements presence etc. Also the method of creating the herbs vapor is divided into two leading technology, conduction or convection, former is a direct heating of the material, latter is the heating of air which will be forced through material. Conduction is a common method of portables, what you should look for is a ceramic heating element, preferably a cylidrical shape surrounding your heating chamber, rather than a disk shape installed on the bottom. Airpath design is a very negligent subject, most workshops concentrating on heat and its control mainly, health aspects are not a priority in common. I am mostly using my own built devices, for every kind of legal herbs (lemon balm, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.) and tobacco as well, therefore I am also determined to mould every criteria into a "socially-acceptable" shape, such as an e-cigarette, and I have big hopes for the upcoming Chinese (!) product called Imag Plus, by Relaxotech, satisfying all my needs, designed for my special request (!!!) with a different heating element, and inner insulation method. It will hopefully get delivered early November as it is still under development. Truly amazing to share ideas with a large, distant company, having discussed and implemented my ideas into upcoming products, looking forward to it very much.
    While this may be true for crappy ecigs and china designed vaporizers it is not true of the industry as a whole. Many vape manufacturers have stuck high priority on delivering the cleanest air path possible to their customers.
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    Well, the "industry as whole" includes China isn't it? :) Need forms the market not the other way around, if it is a - profitable - need rises for "healthy airpaths" in vape industry you can bet on China will offering it for sale. I had a conversation with you in another topic as well, you might think I am a representative or something for Relaxotech and these Imag vapos, thats why I am popularizing them so much, although I am not, but it stunned me that they LISTENING, they asked me and we discussed the subject, then rather than turning me down they gave the job to their engineers! Imagine yourself sending an email to BMW and saying their car would be better with 5 wheels, and they reply you thanking, and starting to build it!
     Being capable of serving mass needs by compromising on costs and quality doesn't necessarily means that China is not capable for quality at all, in fact they are having the big advantage of all kind of manufactured resources locally, not to mention their machinery! A good counter-example would be a praised Arizer Solo, which made by the same Canadian company as the one in question by greensky7 in the first post. My Solo served 10 months, and died exactly the same as it was foretold by numerous users on Solo forums. The company never gave anywhere any explanation of the common issue, although they seemed to be flexible to send out replacements, but it's still not a long-lived device, and certainly not the finest quality, as it is advertised. The PCB looked like a complicated, very sophisticated motherboard, boasting all kind of circuitry elements (I am not sure where they made in). Soldering quality is always a story teller for the proficient eyes, such as material selection and design directives. They have used words such as "medical grade steel" and "high quality plastic" so I have fallen for a design with an exposed circuit board, unspecified plastic enclosure with a high porosity ceramic disk heater installed with two heat deflector ceramic disks underneath, which seemed to constantly polluting the airpaths with dust of ceramic and an unknown metallic powder (probably a heat deflective agent added to the ceramic insulation). Anything, but thoughtful design. Opposingly, the guys in China managed to print a circuit board with the temp control features, 3 colored LEDs and a microswitch on 2.9 cm2. And they have listened and cooperated with an individual, to serve his needs. 
    Another thought for greensky7:
    If it is less dense, it is less you take. For "full capacity" you should exhale forcibly all the air from your lungs first, a normal "toke" is about 0.5-0.7 litre, if you feel irritating you should simply inhale with some air by not closing your lips around the mouthpiece entirely :)
  6. Yes china is part of of the industry as a whole but as far as true herb vaporizers go they make up a small part. You cant deny that many companies have stuck high priority on making safe vaporizers. The customer base has shown they want the safest possible vaporizers and companies have responded.
    Honestly I dont care that imag has listend to emails you sent them. Their last vaporizer uses very sketchy materials and I have no doubt that their next vaporizer will have sketchy materials.
    Your exact statement was

    That is completely false. For the large part manufactueres are focusing on bringing the safest air path possible to the market. There are even manufacturers like vapexhale who entered the industry to bring the safest possible vaporizer to the market. Next time you want to throw shit like that around this forum do your home work first because you are wrong.
    From my previous conversation with you Im going to assume you just dont know much about the industry as a whole because your view points are very myopic. You are the same idiot who thought log vapes have nichrome in them :laughing: .
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    You are a flamer, and a douche, clearly - seen offending many in other topics, wonder why you are here at all. I've never been abusive to you, although you just called me an idiot. You obviously spent a fortune on tech and keen to protect your investment, but you go to far, like you are some sort of gentry snob of vaporizers, who knows everything better, than others, and takes no opinions.
    By looking up some of your 2000+ (!) posts I realized that you are a kind of person who either state, or disagree something, never a compliment, an appreciation. Generating pointless arguments is flaming, what douchebags do. The kind, who rather spend thousands of dollars on tech, than learning Ohm's law and self-apply it. Regarding your logvapes I said: "...but I guess the air is heated with a simple Nichrome or Kanthal coil,.." You could have respond with an educating "no, it's not Kanthal, it is .../whatever it is" but your choice is calling me an idiot. As I live in the EU, many of your options I do not have over here for review, therefore my mission is to popularize the subject, and its aspects, with the aid of relevant forums, and blogs, making friends and building base of knowledge. "your view points are very myopic." - never really gave me chance to express my viewpoints, have you? Or have you explained the heating method in those logvapes? Ever disassembled them? Have requested SDS report on materials? I think it is unfair to overprice for hundreds of dollars any item which has been built for a fracture of its sale price. Only myopic people cannot see that.
    In one topic you were turning down a person looking for a "Best Vaporizer for Stealth?" literally saying there is no portable vaporizer what you can think of "that would be discreet enough to use at a concert and still deliver powerfull hits." - So I replied with my example. You went on rant.
    In this post I believe I gave a very informative response for the questioner, although you came right after me from another topic offending my opinion. Rather than reaching an imposing number of posts you should spend some time on quality in your answers.
    All these manufacturers, workshops you talk about is actually pretty hard to follow, they seem to emerge like mushrooms, they demonstrate a design, organize a supply of parts and assemble it for you, ripping a few hundreds per head. Overpricing is a wrong trend, of course not in general, not everyone does it. 
    Anyway, the subject was a discreet portable there, and health issues here, remember that. I think I gave a more useful answer than you.

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  9. Mad yes, idiot no.
  10. You made a more useful statment than me? Your posts are full of false information and strait up lies. You made a false statement. There is no reason to get so damn butt hurt just because you are very ignorant when it comes to vaporizers.

    Its all there right in the open to see. You can buy every single part that you need to build a log vaporizer from one of the manufacturers. The designs have been freely posted up on FC of how they work. Do a google search instead of making your self seem so stupid.

    Im a senior electrical engineering major... I think I know what Ohm's Law is and how to apply it... Please though continue to make more and more assumptions because you are just digging your self further in to the hole.

    It is not hard at all to follow them. Many even post on forums just like this one. What you are describing is crappy china companies trying to cash in on the vapor trend. However there are many great long lasting companies out there trying do everything they can to give the best customer experience possible. You over generalize the industry way to much. 

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