safety of ballasts

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  1. Ok, does any one know how much more likely a fire is to start from a pre built 400 hps ballast as apposed to a ballast kit you have to wire yourself. and how loud do there do it yourselfers humm? thanks and cheers to all
  2. well my ballast humms pretty loud when its 1st turned on, but as the light (1000w HPS) gets brighter the ballast stops humming and eventually is silent, but i would imagine a pre built ballast has a less chance of catching on fire then a kit, but you have to take into effect how old it is, what condition its in and how much our using in (hours a day) i would go with a prebuilt ballast from a professional company so i no it was put together right.
  3. I mean i know how to wire ballasts and it would be a brand new one.. so idk how this will play into it but thatnks for your input t(o.0t)
  4. If you no how too then i would go for it, i wouldnt trust my self wiring a ballast as i have limited experiance with electricity and wiring things. so id go with a pre built one, but if your capable then i dont see a prob with oing either way, my ballast is a few years old, it was prebuilt sun system. and i have had no problems with it.
  5. Ok because i was gonna put it in a metal box and have a small fan to exaust it..
  6. that is how mine is setup, about 8 inches wide, about 12 inches long, and a small fan (about the size of a computerfan) on the back
  7. ye sounds about right, Is there anyone else here who has had a prob with these ballasts?
  8. Well as long as your grounded, you shouldn't have any problems. Even if the thing shorts out it should trip the breaker, but only if its grounded. And don't be dumb, and use a conversion plug, any time your messing with appliances that need a ground use a grounded outlet. A lot of fires start with shorted appliances that heat up and start drawing more amperage, thats usually where the problems come from.
  9. yea its 400 watts lol I was gonna ground it your sayin aslog as i use a grounded plug ill be good?
  10. If you box a coiled ballast you will get more heat from the ballast but if the cap decides go, something arcs out or the ballast catches on fire most of that will be contained in the box but you go get more heat.
  11. yea, hmm I only intend to use the ballast for maybe 5months then i will buy a new one..for safety reasons.

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